Mama and her Peanut Butter Cookies!

Making Peanut Butter Cookies with Mama . . . When I got to Mama's house last week, she had her cookbook out and the page turned to her Peanut Butter Cookies recipe. She had intended for us to make the cookies, but she gets tired easily and had decided not to do it. But, later in the day, I told her I would make them for her. That's all it took for her to get up and start making the cookies. Because, you see, Mama likes to keep cookies on hand for company as well as for herself. And her Peanut Butter Cookies are one of her absolute favorites! In fact, she eats peanut butter EVERY day!!! Making the Peanut Butter Cookies . . . Mama has made this same Peanut Butter Cookies recipe for decades. Her daddy, my Granddaddy Hall, had told her … [Read more...]

Margherita Chicken Pasta, a light and healthy meal!

Candace, Me, and Margherita Chicken Pasta! Years ago, Candace and I would make a light and healthy chicken spaghetti that was the best ever. But, over the years, that recipe has been lost. Even after searching on the internet off and on, I could not find it. Then, lo and behold, I found a similar recipe that had some of the same ingredients. So, Candace and I got together and re-created the chicken spaghetti that we have longed for. . . and gave it a new name: Margherita Chicken Pasta! Chicken Spaghetti vs. Margherita Chicken Pasta . . . From what we could remember about the light and healthy chicken spaghetti from the 1990's, it had tomatoes, celery, onion, chicken and spaghetti noodles. That was about it. I'm sure there were some … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Beef and Peppers for an easy meal!

Looking for an easy meal? I'm always looking for an easy meal, especially for Sundays. Years ago I made Pepper Steak in a skillet, which was really good. So I did some research on how to make a Slow Cooker Beef and Peppers. I needed something that I could put in the slow cooker, a.k.a. Crockpot, before church so it would be ready when we got home. And, this recipe worked out quite well! My Beef and Peppers vs. the Slow Cooker version: My Pepper Steak, as it was called, started with round steak, was cut into cubes, and then browned in a skillet. The green peppers were cut in strips, added to the meat with soy sauce, and then simmered until the meat was tender. It did not have onions. The Slow Cooker Beef and Peppers  that I made used … [Read more...]

Streusel Oatmeal Sweet Potato Muffins for breakfast or snack!

Mama and Sweet Potatoes . . . Mama loves sweet potatoes! In fact, that may be the understatement of the year. LOL!!! So, when Candace saw all the frozen sweet potatoes in her freezer, she sent me a recipe for Mama and I to make Streusel Oatmeal Sweet Potato Muffins. And, we made them last week! Mama and I have made several sweet potato recipes over the last few years. Some of our favorites are Sweet Potato Chess Pie, Sweet Potato Bread with Streusel Topping, Mama's Sweet Potato Pie, and the Maple Cinnamon Sweet Potato Bread, which we also made the same day as these muffins. All of these recipes are really good, and many are family favorites! Candace found this recipe on Pinterest from Kate in the Kitchen. Her pictures were not with the … [Read more...]

Fire Roasted Mexican Beef Soup!

Fire Roasted Mexican Beef Soup . . . If you like Beef Taco Soup, you are going to LOVE this Fire Roasted Mexican Beef Soup! Candace created this soup by tweaking her Beef Taco Soup, and it is super delicious! It has just the right amount of "heat" in every bite . . . perfect for the Mexican food lovers out there (like ME!!!) We've all enjoyed her Beef Taco Soup for years, and now we are adding this Fire Roasted Mexican Soup to our list of favorite soups! Fire Roasted Mexican Soup vs. Beef Taco Soup . . . In looking at both the Fire Roasted Mexican Soup and the Beef Taco Soup, there are definite similarities. Both, of course, are made with ground beef--(we use ground round to cut down on the amount of fat in the soup). Both have onion, … [Read more...]