Baked Spinach Dip, a Green appetizer!

If you are looking for a delicious appetizer, this Baked Spinach Dip is truly one to consider. It is a family favorite! Plus, make it for St. Patrick's Day . . . GREEN! Baked Spinach Dip, perfect for St. Patrick's Day! As I was pondering "green" foods for St. Patrick's Day, I ran across this Baked Spinach Dip that I made for a gathering of friends a few months ago. I thought, "Why not? After all, it is GREEN!!!" While Spinach Dip is most likely NOT an Irish dish, it does fit into the "green" category. And, with Easter coming up, you might consider it as an appetizer for that holiday as well. It is one of our family favorite dips. Baked Spinach Dip and Benjamin . . . My grandson, Benjamin, came over the afternoon I made this Spinach … [Read more...]

“Hope”, a Forte Friday Post

I'm sharing my song, "Hope", to send some comfort to those who lost loved ones in the Florida school shooting on Valentine's Day. Nothing can change the event, but it's Hope that gives a reason to live on. Hope, what gives us a reason to live . . . Our country has suffered yet another school shooting. On Valentine's Day, a day where we are all supposed to show love to everyone, especially those we are close to. As I write this post, 17 lost their lives . . . 3 teachers, and 14 students. Not only were lives lost, so were their futures, future children and grandchildren. When a life is lost, a world is lost. For those who have suffered such a great loss, it may seem an impossible task to go on living. But Hope . . . Hope is what gives … [Read more...]

Angel Biscuits for breakfast!

Fluffy Angel Biscuits with butter and jam for breakfast take us back to our childhood. These delicious biscuits also freeze well! Angel Biscuits for breakfast! Several years ago, my husband, Lynn, and I would travel to the little town of Flippin, Arkansas, to visit his sister, Carol, and her husband, Joe. Carol was, and is, is a wonderful cook and planned such delicious meals for us. Every morning, she would get up early and make Angel Biscuits for breakfast. While she made bacon, sausage, gravy, eggs to serve with the biscuits, we would enjoy coffee and conversation. Memories...Joe passed away in 2011, and Carol moved back to New Mexico to be close to her family. Carol (L), Maribeth (R) at the Alexander Family Reunion We miss … [Read more...]

Aunt Kathleen’s Spaghetti and Meat Sauce for Valentine’s Day!

I first posted this in 2014. It is my "go-to" Valentine's Day dinner. Italian is always an excellent choice for a lovely dinner. And my Aunt Kathleen's Spaghetti and Meat Sauce is my favorite. Add a salad, French bread, a chocolate dessert and celebrate! Today is Valentine's Day. . . As I pondered for two days what to make for our Valentine's Day dinner, I finally decided on Aunt Kathleen's Spaghetti with Meat Sauce. For years spaghetti and meat sauce was my "go-to" Valentine's dinner. When my children were small, this is what we would always have. I usually made a Min's Italian Spaghetti and Meat Sauce, and it's still one of my favorite recipes. However, it has to cook for 4-5 hours. Since I didn't have that much time, I opted to … [Read more...]

Pecan Toffee Bark . . . a favorite Valentine’s Day treat!

This Pecan Toffee Bark is a favorite treat for Valentine's Day. Chocolate, pecans and toffee . . . yum!!! Keep some for you and yours, and give bags to others as gifts:) Pecan Toffee Bark . . . a favorite Valentine's Day treat! This Pecan Toffee Bark is one of our favorite treats to make for Valentine's Day. In fact, it is one of Mama's favorite snacks to eat. We both learned of this delicious bark from my daughter, Candace, who makes one with almonds. It was so good, Mama and I decided to make our own, but using pecans instead. We usually keep pecans on hand. The Pecan Toffee Bark Recipe . . . Basically it has just a few ingredients that are layered: pecans (chopped or whole), the toffee mixture, chocolate chips, and sprinkle … [Read more...]