Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Barbecue

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Barbecue

Barbecue the easy way! If you are American, or at least from the south, you most likely are a fan of barbecue. But when you watch the programs on Food Network about how to make barbecue, the process can be daunting and out of reach for the average person. However, I found a way to "have your … [Read more...]

How to Eat Healthier, Without Really Trying!

How To Eat Healthier

Eating Healthier . . . easy or a chore? Everyone wants to eat healthier. But, we sometimes won't undergo the effort to do so because we think it's too much work to prepare the food. Then one might ask the question, "Is there an easier way to eat healthier in our lives today?" Or, "Can you eat … [Read more...]

Carol’s Veggie Summer Salad!

Carol's Veggie Summer Salad with text

Summer Salads . . . the best! My sister-in-law, Carol Thennes, is a great cook. When she and Joe lived in Flippin, Lynn and I would often go and spend the weekend with them. She would cook the most wonderful meals! One of her recipes that I really liked is Carol's Veggie Summer Salad. Carol said … [Read more...]

“Wings of the Morning”, a Forte post


The early morning hours. . . The early morning hours. . . no television. . . no radio. . . no distractions. . . no one else up yet. . . I have commented and written in my daily devotional journal about how I love the solitude of the early morning hours.  Me, my Bible, and my Father. The … [Read more...]

Group or private piano lessons?


Group or Private piano lessons? The question that has been asked for decades, maybe longer, is which is better: Group or Private piano lessons. Historically, private piano instruction was the only option people had. However, in the 1970's, Dr. Robert Pace and others more or less "reinvented" group … [Read more...]

Mississippi Mud Cake for dessert!

cake, chocolate

What's for dessert? I'm kind of like my Grandmama Hall. I like to have a "little something sweet" after a meal, which means that I have to have something sweet to eat! Well, that's where I found myself over the weekend. . . pondering . . . what to bake for dessert? My mind kept going back to … [Read more...]

Jeri’s Sausage Balls Recipe

Sausage Balls

Jeri's Sausage Balls A Patriotic Gathering . . . During the month of July, I hosted a couple of small gatherings for friends of ours. One of the appetizers I served was Sausage Balls, which is my sister, Jeri's, recipe. We have made these Sausage Balls for decades. In fact, I can't remember when … [Read more...]

How to make perfect Cream Cheese Frosting

cupcakes, cream cheese frosting

Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting . . . the best! Many of us love to make cupcakes, but sometimes the frosting is a bit of a challenge . . . especially Cream Cheese Frosting. Why is it so daunting? What is the secret to making the perfect Cream Cheese Frosting? This question was asked of me … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Veggie Quesadillas

Quick and Easy Veggie Quesadillas with text

A Quick and Easy Mexican Food Meal! Summer is the perfect season to make these delicious Quick and Easy Veggie Quesadillas, especially if you can use fresh zucchini from your garden or the Farmer's Market! And with this Veggie Quesadilla, you won't sacrifice taste when you save time! I first … [Read more...]

Perfect Mashed Potatoes!


How to make Perfect Mashed Potatoes . . . If you are from the South, you probably LOVE mashed potatoes! I know I do! And, making them turn out perfectly every time can be a problem. So, I decided to search for the Perfect Mashed Potatoes! Thats when I found the Pioneer Woman's Delicious, Creamy … [Read more...]