Snowflake Dinner Family Gathering

With the first winter's snow on the ground, I decided to share my Snowflake Dinner to celebrate winter!  "For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater:" Isaiah 55:10 Celebrate White! White is the absence of color. But, it is the "color" that is so prevalent in winter landscapes. Snow covered trees and fields, houses covered with snow are the epitome of winter and the month of January. But, white also represents purity, innocence, and being without spot or blemish--an inspiration for us to do some "soul-searching" ourselves as to things we may need to change or do … [Read more...]

Crispy Treat Snowballs, for a Snowy Day!

Baby, it's COLD outside!!! Time for Crispy Treat Snowballs! Y'all, winter has officially arrived, weather-wise, in central Arkansas! We had our first snow of the season this morning. 1-2 inches!!! I know for my friends in the northern states, that's laughable. But for us in the south . . . well . . . schools closed, streets are slick . . . people are staying home in front of their fireplaces. Need I say more??? It IS cold . . . 14 degrees as I type this post. That's cold for us. Just saying! But, it was a great day to think of some "snowy" treats, like these Crispy Treat Snowballs . . . besides . . . who doesn't like Rice Krispie Treats? As far back as I can remember, from my own childhood on, everyone made these tasty little marshmallow … [Read more...]

Italian Chicken Soup, for the Slow Cooker

If you are looking for a delicious soup to make in your Slow Cooker, this Italian Chicken Soup may be just what you are looking for. It's full of chicken, some veggies and ditalini noodles, a hearty soup for lunch or dinner. Italian Chicken Soup, one of my new favorite soups! Recently I made Italian Chicken Soup. Candace serves one in her shop that is divine, so I looked for a recipe that I could make in my slow cooker. Since I work at her shop two days a week, I like to have some Crock Pot meals to fall back on. What I found was that this soup, like most I make, will cook just fine in a slow cooker, and be ready to eat when you get home. Making the Italian Chicken Soup . . . I found several recipes for Italian Chicken Soup on … [Read more...]

“Kindness”, from “Love Themes”, a Forte Friday post

Kindness, that small act toward others that means so much. It speaks blessings to others, shows acts of thoughtfulness and goodness toward others. It is an attribute of the heart . . .  Kindness is a language . . . Kindness . . . such a wonderful attribute to have and to show to others. We hear about "random acts of kindness". We hear about "be kind to your neighbor". So many opportunities to be kind to others. But kindness can take on many forms, such as acts toward others, consideration shown toward others, and even words spoken to others. Words . . . language. Mark Twain, in the quote above, said "Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." How true! Everyone, young and old, can recognize kindness. A … [Read more...]

Aunt Kathleen’s Baked Parmesan Chicken Recipe

Aunt Kathleen's Baked Parmesan Chicken is one of my "go-to" easy entrees. Just a few ingredients, bake, add a veggie or two, and you have a meal on the table in no time. Aunt Kathleen's Baked Parmesan Chicken Breasts . . . Last week, my daughter, Candace, posted a picture of some Parmesan Chicken Breasts she had made for their dinner. Her recipe had to be marinated, which I didn't want to have to do, so I got out my Aunt Kathleen's Baked Parmesan Chicken. I had some chicken tenders in the freezer, so I used them. . . convenience! I didn't want to have to go to the grocery store! This recipe is one of my favorite entrees to make when I want something quick and easy. I generally add a couple of veggies and dinner is served! Aunt Kathleen … [Read more...]