Easy Baked Rice Casserole for a fuss-free side dish!

The easiest rice casserole I have found! Have you ever wanted to make rice for a side dish for dinner, but didn't want the fuss of cooking it on the stove? If that's you, I have found the perfect rice dish for you: Easy Baked Rice Casserole! Four ingredients, mixed together, and baked for about an hour, then it is done! No fuss, no muss, just bake and eat! That's the kind of recipe that will work EVERY TIME! Our President's Day dinner . . . I had planned a President's Day dinner for Lynn and myself. The menu was Mama's Meatloaf (in honor of President Donald Trump, who supposedly likes meatloaf), this Easy Baked Rice Casserole, Creamed Green Peas, and a Sour Cream Fruit Salad. My intention was to buy some Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream, which … [Read more...]

Favorite Cookies from Food and Forte!

I've been working on another project . . . mostly for family with favorite dessert recipes. I asked my husband and each one of my grown children, as well as my grandchildren what their favorite cookies were. The result of my "poll" are some of the cookies and recipes I'm sharing in this post. I hope you enjoy them! Maribeth The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies! Chocolate Chip Cookies are always the #1 favorite in our family, and probably just about everyone else's. This recipe for them is the best! Chocolate Candy Cookies! M&M Cookies are a favorite any time of the year! The ones in the picture were made for Christmas with red and green M&M's. But, you can change the color of the M&M candies you use for different seasons … [Read more...]

Mama’s Chewy Sugar Cookies

Mama's Favorite Sugar Cookie! Mama loves to bake cookies. And, when it comes to cookies, I think Mama's are the absolute best, especially her Chewy Sugar Cookies! She has made them for years now, putting some in her cookie jar and freezing the others for when company comes. I can tell you that getting a taste of Mama's home baked goodies, especially her cookies, is always a treat:) Making Mama's Chewy Sugar Cookies . . . I called Mama to see what she could remember about this recipe. She said that the vinegar in the recipe was what intrigued her to try it. And, in all the years she has made these cookies, she has always received RAVE REVIEWS! That's good to know! In fact, the ladies in her church women's group told her they were the … [Read more...]

Cheesy Potato Bacon Soup for a delicious lunch or dinner!

Soup for lunch or dinner? If you are looking for a delicious soup for lunch or dinner, look no further! This Cheesy Potato Bacon Soup is tops! It is reminiscent of the Loaded Potato Soup, but without the sour cream and a few other ingredients. Primarily it consists of cheese, potatoes, and bacon! Imagine that!!! I made this Cheesy Potato Bacon Soup for our lunch a couple of weeks ago, and Lynn and I both thought it was delicious. The weather was a bit chilly (unlike today!), and Lynn was not feeling well. So, potato soup was perfect for him. I served it with Mama's Peppery Cheese Muffins, but even with cornbread, there's nothing better! Making the Cheesy Potato Bacon Soup . . . When you think of a potato soup with cheese and bacon in … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Chicken Broccoli over Rice

Quick and Easy Chicken and Broccoli over Rice, the perfect dinner for a busy day! Have you ever worked long hours and wondered what you were going to make for dinner? Well, that happened to me last week. Exhausted from working at Candace's shop, I still needed to fix us something to eat. So, I decided to make this Quick and Easy Chicken Broccoli over Rice. This recipe is based on one I have made for over 40 years, since the days of my children being small. It is super simple, requiring canned white meat chicken, canned soup, frozen broccoli and rice. It's an almost 3-ingredient meal! Making the Quick and Easy Chicken Broccoli over Rice . . . My husband and I both are "old school". We prefer to eat home-cooked meals, though we do also … [Read more...]