Pumpkin Applesauce Cookies Recipe


Nothing says fall like pumpkins! Pumpkins. . .  the essence of fall! And these Pumpkin Applesauce Cookies will definitely put you in the mood for the wonders of this time of year! I've already decorated my house for fall with dried autumn leaves scattered around, and my fall centerpiece with a … [Read more...]

Unbundled Green Beans . . .


Green Bean Bundles. . . unbundled! Green beans are a go-to vegetable/ side dish in my family. And, we have found a NEW way  to make them--Unbundled Green Beans! Over the years, we have made these green vegetables a number of ways . . . Hazel's Green Beans, and Green Bean Bundles to name two of our … [Read more...]

Aunt Faye’s Chocolate Pie a la Oreo Style!


Aunt Faye's Chocolate Pie . . . Chocolate Pie . . . who doesn't love chocolate pie??? I love chocolate pie, and, as far as I know, everyone in my family loves it. And, we especially love Aunt Faye's Chocolate Pie! Aunt Faye Allison,  one of my daddy's sisters, would bring one of her chocolate pies … [Read more...]

Easy Chicken and Dumplings Recipe


Easy Chicken and Dumplings . . . It's fall again! School is in full swing and everyone is getting back in their groove for football games, school activities, piano lessons, practices . . . the list goes on and on! With the push on parents, and even grandparents, who pitch in to help from time to … [Read more...]

“Creation” video, and why I couldn’t write music!

creation cd

"Creation" video, and why I couldn't write music . . . The fact that this music video, "Creation: A Musical Tapestry", is being shared here is, in my opinion, a miracle. I couldn't write music. Ever. I went to college as  a piano major and did get two degrees, Bachelors of Music Education, and a … [Read more...]

Family Favorite Fall Dessert Recipes


Fall. . . time for family favorite dessert recipes! The fall season brings so many wonderful opportunities for delicious desserts. There's an abundance of apples, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and pecans! So many wonderful sweet treats that can be made with these fall fruits and vegetables. So, I … [Read more...]

Mama’s Jalapeno Cornbread!


Mama's Jalapeno Cornbread . . . Mama has made her Jalapeno Cornbread as far back as I can remember. She got the recipe from the secretary at the farm equipment dealership in Lonoke, Arkansas, where Daddy was employed as an equipment salesman. She, the secretary, had made this cornbread for a dinner … [Read more...]

Grandmama Hall’s Apple Pie!


A warm piece of apple pie! It's fall . . . Fall brings thoughts of the beautifully colored autumn leaves, cooler temperatures, comfort foods, and apple pie! There's nothing better, in my opinion, than a warm piece of apple pie! And, Grandmama Hall's Apple Pie has to be the best … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Cookies: A Balanced Diet:)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Is a cookie in each hand . . . a balanced diet! Don't we all wish that was true?  And, who doesn't love freshly baked chocolate chip cookies? Though they have been around for many years, these are one of my favorite cookies to bake and to eat! When my children were small, I liked to have homemade … [Read more...]

Trey’s Some Like It Hot Salsa!

Trey's Some Like It Hot Salsa

Trey’s “Some Like It Hot” Salsa! One of my absolute favorite foods is Mexican, and I can make a meal on Cheese Dip, Salsa, and chips! So, I decided to make my son, Trey’s, “Some Like It Hot Salsa” for our dinner tonight. When Trey makes it, he uses Habanero peppers. . . I used jalapenos. (I don’t … [Read more...]