Cast Iron Skillet Burgers!


Burgers for the 4th! I've always wanted to be able to cook a really burger INSIDE the house! You know, sometimes it's just not convenient to "fire up the grill", as we say in Arkansas. But, my hamburgers cooked on the stove have been blah and generally disappointing. I am my worst critic, but I … [Read more...]

Corny Mexican Dip!

Corny Mexican Dip

Veggie Salad or Dip for Summer! Several years ago, one of my friends, Barbara Henson, gave me a recipe for Corny Mexican Salad. She said, at the time, that it was delicious . . . one of their favorites! So, as I thought about a salad or dip that would be good for an Independence Day celebration, … [Read more...]

Pineapple Slaw like Grandmama made!

salads, pineapple

Yum, yum, and more yum! Mama was telling me that both she and Grandmama Hall made Pineapple Slaw during their years of cooking for their families. I had seen a recipe for Pineapple Slaw in a blog post on the website of Plain Chicken. At the time, I didn't know that this, too, was a family favorite, … [Read more...]

Grandmama Hall’s Chocolate Sheet Cake for the 4th!

chocolate, cake

July 4th is coming! The Fourth of July is right around the corner! Can you believe it! It's just a few days away. So, I decided I had better start thinking about what I want to cook for our Independence Day celebration. Dessert first, of course! It needs to be easy, delicious, and transportable, in … [Read more...]

“Heaven” . . . a Forte post


Today I received an email from Broadjam that my song, "Heaven" is #2 on their Top Ten New Age-Religious List. Also, my song, "Reflections in Time" (orchestrated version), came in at #9!  I am both humbled and thankful that people listen to my music blessed . Otherwise, it wouldn't be on the … [Read more...]

Heavenly Summer Fruit Salad!

Salads, fruit

Another perfect summer salad! Nothing beats a cool fruit salad in the summer to hit that "just right" spot when it's hot. And this Heavenly Summer Fruit Salad is another perfect choice for those hot summer days! It's loaded with fruit and coconut with a vanilla pudding-whipped topping dressing. So … [Read more...]

Grandmama Hall’s Perfect Baked Potatoes!

vegetables, potatoes

The perfect baked potato . . . I planned to make Pan Seared Filets for our dinner Saturday night, since Lynn is still needing a lot of protein. So, I decided I would make Grandmama Hall's Baked Potatoes instead of throwing them in the microwave like I usually do. Grandmama's Perfect Baked Potatoes … [Read more...]

New Summer Salad: BBQ Ranch Broccoli Salad

vegetables, salads, broccoli

It's summer! Time for more salads! In the summer, I like to make (and eat) a lot of salads: vegetable salads, salads with chicken, fruit salads, and even congealed salads. This past week, I ran across this Barbecue Ranch Broccoli Salad on a blog that I follow, Plain Chicken. It looked so good and … [Read more...]

Mud Hens, a southern bar!


Mud Hens! I was looking today for a cookie recipe to make for Lynn . . . one that was a little different. I flipped through several of my favorite cookbooks, and ran across a recipe for Mud Hens! Mud Hens??? Who ever heard of Mud Hens? I know I haven't.  The name, Mud Hens, was so intriguing.  I … [Read more...]

Heidi’s Squash Casserole, great for summer!

Squash, vegetables

Mama's Day . . . Mama's day, this week, was on Thursday! It was her last day for physical therapy, and it was my turn to take her:) She had started making Heidi's Squash Casserole the day before, but was too tired to finish it, so she said I could help her when we got back from PT. Mama's gone … [Read more...]