Peach Jam in the Summer!

When the peaches are in season in Arkansas . . . The last time I made peach jam was a couple of years ago, I think just after we moved from Little Rock to our current "retirement" home:) This year, the peaches didn't do well because of all of a late freeze and all the rains. But, I'm sharing because some of you may have nice peaches in your area and can make Peach Jam. Our family has always loved peaches, and every year Mama and I freeze them in two cup portions to make cobbler or to just eat in the winter when we can't get fresh ones. And, every year I try to make peach jam. To me, homemade is always better than what you buy in the store, but that's my opinion:) This batch was made from a Peach Jam recipe I found in a Kindle book by … [Read more...]

Mama’s Strawberry Fig Preserves

Mama's Strawberry Fig Preserves . .. One of my favorite things to eat on toast or biscuits is Mama's Strawberry Fig Preserves. This recipe was given to Mama by Aunt Clarice, Daddy's oldest sister, many years ago, and it always takes me back to my childhood. The name of the preserves is a bit deceptive because there are no strawberries in it! It is actually made with strawberry gelatin (Jell-O) and mashed figs! But, guess what . . . the figs taste like strawberries! It is surprisingly delicious! Making Mama's Strawberry Fig Preserves . . . When I decided to learn how to can foods a few years ago, I went to Mama's house so she could teach me how to make her Strawberry Fig Preserves. We gathered figs from her trees and mixed them with … [Read more...]