Mama’s Cherry Pineapple Dump Cake

Mama's Cherry Pineapple Dump Cake, an easy dessert! When going through some of our recipes, I ran across Mama's Cherry Pineapple Dump Cake. I had never made it, but it looked easy. The ingredients were items I already had in my pantry . . . PLUS #1! And, it had a really short list of ingredients . . .PLUS #2! Since I have been looking for easier recipes that working moms can make, this Cherry Pineapple Dump Cake seemed a likely candidate. Mama had saved this recipe years ago, and it was in some of her clippings of various recipes she wanted to "someday" make. I don't know where she got the recipe or how old it actually is. Making Mama's Cherry Pineapple Dump Cake . . . When the title of the recipe is a DUMP cake, that is EXACTLY what … [Read more...]

Easy Butterfinger Cupcakes!

Bethany's Request . . . When I asked Bethany what she wanted to learn when we had our "Cook Day", she said she wanted to know how to frost cupcakes like we do at Candace's shop. So, I decided we would make Easy Butterfinger Cupcakes. The cake part would be easy . . . the frosting would be the challenge. Fortunately for us, Candace let us use a piping bag and tip from her shop as well as enough vanilla batter and peanut butter frosting for the six cupcakes. With that said, I had already made Bethany her "Cookbook" with a recipe in it for making the cake and frosting, which I will share in this post. The Process . . . The process in making these Easy Butterfinger Cupcakes begins with chopping a couple of Butterfinger candy bars, which … [Read more...]

Mississippi Mud Cake for dessert!

What's for dessert? I'm kind of like my Grandmama Hall. I like to have a "little something sweet" after a meal, which means that I have to have something sweet to eat! Well, that's where I found myself over the weekend. . . pondering . . . what to bake for dessert? My mind kept going back to Mississippi Mud Cake. Why? I don't know. I think I've only made it once or twice before, but the marshmallow layer kept bringing me back to this tempting dessert. I really thought that this was actually Mississippi Mud Brownies, but I could only find Mississippi Mud Cake in my cookbooks. I looked at several, and finally settled on Paula Deen's recipe. She is my favorite Southern cook! Everything I have made of hers has turned out to be delicious, so … [Read more...]

Pina Colada Cake, perfect for spring!

A Perfect Cake for Summer! It's summer time and the living is easy! Especially with this delicious Pina Colada Cake! One Saturday, Candace and the grandchildren came to our house and we made this Pina Colada Cake. It was a delicious cake with a creamy filling, and covered with a pineapple-coconut-whipped topping frosting and LOTS of coconut! We made two recipes that day, but this one was a star! The Pina Colada Recipe . . . I had never heard of a Pina Colada Cake, but I could quickly see that it would be a delicious cake to make. The Pina Colada Cake starts with a cake mix. I generally prefer to make all my cakes from scratch, I have made other similar cakes from a cake mix in the past. All have been good, but I think this one is … [Read more...]

Snowy Yule Log Recipe

A Snowy Dessert! As I was thinking about my menu for our Christmas dinner for the children and grandchildren, I was undecided about the desserts. I always make the Cherry Cream Cheese Pie for Jason and Candace, but I didn't want to make the Egg Custard Pie that Trey likes. While I made that pie for Thanksgiving, it just didn't seem to go with Christmas for whatever reason. I remembered a Snowy Christmas Log that was in a Sandra Lee magazine from several years ago. I adapted it and made it a couple of times when Trey and his family were over for dinner. So, I decided to maker it! Trey called that day, and asked what dessert I was making. I said, "You'll never guess, but it's NOT the Egg Custard Pie!". Do you know what he said??? He said, … [Read more...]