French Toast for Breakfast! (Cooking with Grandkids)

French Toast for Breakfast! While staying with Trey and Jennifer's children, we decided to make French Toast for Breakfast! This took me back to my childhood when I would stay with my Grandmama Hall. She would often make me French Toast for breakfast, served with powdered sugar. It reminded me . . . sort of . . . of the powdered sugar donuts. Just better! I haven't made French Toast in so many years, I can't remember. So, I looked at several recipes for French Toast, and decided we would make Robert Irvine's recipe on Food Network. After all, that recipe has to be good. Right??? And, I must say, the French Toast was great! We did add the powdered sugar and change the syrup to suit our tastes:) Making the French Toast . . . Brady was … [Read more...]

Bethany’s Egg Custard Pie for her Daddy!

Bethany's Egg Custard Pie . . . Trey's last dessert! The day Trey came home from the hospital, Bethany and I made him his "favorite of all desserts", Egg Custard Pie. I have made it for him since he was a child, but Bethany, now 16, had never made it. So, it was time for her lesson on making my Grandmama Hall's Egg Custard Pie! This Egg Custard Pie became one of Grandmama Hall's signature desserts. She would make it for Grandaddy Hall as well as others, and often take it to church dinners and shut-ins. Grandmama was one of the best cooks in Prairie County, so they said:) Bethany with the cookbook I made her last summer. We will be adding the Egg Custard Pie to it, now that she has made it:) Making Bethany's Egg Custard Pie . . … [Read more...]

Banana Nut Bread for Daddy! (Cooking with Grandkids)

Brady and the Banana Nut Bread . . . The night I asked my grandchildren what they wanted to make for their daddy (when he returned home from the hospital), Brady immediately, without hesitation, said "Banana Bread!" He knew it was his Daddy's favorite fruit bread, and we all knew he would love it. So, the next day, after we made Benson's Chocolate Banana Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting, we made the Banana Nut Bread. Bethany decided she would wait to make her goodie for her Daddy. Making the Banana Nut Bread . . . The first step was to decide which recipe to make. I have made Mama's Banana Bread, but I also like Paula Deen's Banana Nut Bread from her book, "Paula Deen's Kitchen Classics". I chose to make Paula's recipe because … [Read more...]

Chocolate Banana Cake! (Cooking with Grandkids)

Chocolate Banana Cake for Daddy! The day before Trey was to come home from the hospital, Benson baked his daddy a Chocolate Banana Cake. The night before, I had asked all three of them, Bethany, Brady and Benson, what they wanted to cook for their dad. Benson chose this Chocolate Banana Cake that I found on the Brown Eyed Baker website a few days earlier. Who would have thought of a chocolate cake with banana? Well, though it was unusual, it worked! Making the Chocolate Banana Cake . . . Before we began to actually make the cake, we gathered all the ingredients together. I told Trey and Jennifer that I think Benson will be the baker in their family:) As you can see, he wanted to measure all the ingredients, and even break the eggs . . … [Read more...]

Making Christmas Treats with Family!

Making Christmas Treats with Family! Today was a great day to make Christmas treats with family! Trey and his children came over so we could make Snow Mix and Chocolate Covered Pretzels for Christmas. (The Pretzels were originally a Halloween post, but you can change the sprinkles to make them for Christmas.) Both are delicious treats for both children and adults during the holidays. The Snow Mix has been a favorite of both family and friends for years! When I was still teaching, I would make a batch or two, bag it up and give it to some of the teachers who helped me with my Christmas Musicals as a gift. THEY LOVED IT!!! In fact, one of my teacher friends commented on Facebook recently about how much she liked it:) I've been retired for … [Read more...]