Mama’s 1949 Lemon Dessert, Cooking with Mama

ShaMama's Lemon Dessert is one of our favorite memories of childhood. Mama would make this lemon treat for us many times through Spring and Summer. As my sister said, "We LOVED this dessert!" It's super easy with just a few ingredients. Great for a light dessert. Mama's 1949 Lemon Dessert . . . Last week, when I visited Mama, I said, "Why don't we make that Lemon Dessert that you used to make us when we were growing up?" She said, "OK. We can make that." Since Mama's fall a couple of years ago, standing in the kitchen cooking has really become a chore, so if we cook, I do most of the standing up. Because this little dessert is special to us, I want to share the history of how Mama got this recipe/ dessert: When Mama and Daddy got … [Read more...]

The Best Banana Pudding Recipe

It's almost Spring! And this Best Banana Pudding is our family favorite dessert for this Spring and Summer. This banana pudding is much easier to make than the traditional one. The Best Banana Pudding: A Luscious Dessert. . . It's almost Spring! And, now our thoughts turn to desserts that we like for the warmer seasons of the year: Spring and Summer. Dessert is a MUST at our family gatherings! Pies, cakes, cookies. . . we always want "something sweet" after our meals, as my Grandmama Hall used to say! And, this much requested one of our family is our Banana Pudding. What better dessert to serve your family is there than this luscious The Best Banana Pudding? The Best Banana Pudding Recipe. . . from "The Next Generation" When I was … [Read more...]

6 Favorite Lemon Recipes for Spring

These 6 favorite lemon recipes are from my family's favorites. From a lemon cake to lemon bars and several different lemon pies, there will be something for everyone in this collection! 6 Favorite Lemon Recipes to plan for Spring! We just had several days of dreary rainy days. It really makes you look forward to the sunny days of Spring. And, Spring's coming! Yay! So, I decided to share 6 Favorite Lemon Recipes that you can plan for Spring:) Two of the recipes are my Mama's, one my Grandmama Hall's, one is from my friend, Martha Faulkner, and two are recipes I make. I hope you find some that your family will like! So, here they are! Martha's Lemon Meringue Pie Martha Faulkner, a friend of mine from church, gave me her Lemon Meringue … [Read more...]

Glazed Cherry Pecan Cookies for Presidents’ Day!

February 22, George Washington's birthday, is the traditional day to celebrate President's Day. So, I decided to share my Glazed Cherry Cookies in honor of our first President. Glazed Cherry Cookies and Presidents' Day . . . Presidents' Day is the day we honor our Presidents of the United States! Traditionally it was celebrated on George Washington's birthday, February 22. We now celebrate this holiday on the third Monday in February, which this year was on the 19th. I decided to celebrate it today (February 22) with my Glazed Cherry Cookies in honor of our first President, George Washington. George Washington and the cherry tree . . . We've all heard the tale of George Washington and the cherry tree. As a boy, when asked by his … [Read more...]

Lemon Lush Pie: A Spring Dessert

With spring being only 4 weeks away, why not plan to get a headstart and make this Lemon Lush Pie? It's a three-layer pie that will please every lemon lover in your family. Lemon Lush Pie, get a headstart for spring . . . Lemons are certainly associated with spring. And, this Lemon Lush Pie will definitely be one you will want to add to your spring dessert collection. I saw today that spring is only 4 weeks away. I say, "Great"! But, why wait until spring's arrival to plan some recipes to make for that season? I say, make them now! Lemon Lush Dessert . . . Recently, I have seen a lot of lemon desserts on the internet. One was a Lemon Lush Dessert. It intrigued me because it looked so delicious, but, that one was made in a 9"x13" … [Read more...]