Green Bean Bundles: A Thanksgiving Side

Green Bean Bundles are delicious and make a nice presentation for special dinners. The bacon plus the sweet and savory sauce are mouth-watering for sure! Yum!!! Green Bean Bundles! Several years ago, my daughter, Candace, found a recipe for Green Bean Bundles. She gave the recipe to my daughter-in-law who made them for my son, Jason. He absolutely LOVED THEM! The "absolutely LOVED THEM" is really an understatement! She made them every chance she got, and he enjoyed them each time. As I thought about our Thanksgiving menu, these Green Bean Bundles came to my mind. Green beans are always a good choice as a side dish, but when you bake them in bacon . . .  OH MY! . . . you can't beat that! The Green Bean Bundles Recipe . . . The 5 … [Read more...]

Jeri’s Crescent Rolls: A Bread for Thanksgiving

Jeri's Homemade Crescent Rolls . . . My sister, Jeri, makes the BEST homemade crescent rolls! She was taught by her mother-in-law, Charlene, many years ago, and Jeri always makes these for our family dinners. Jeri's rolls are the most sought after food on our dinner tables, with family members grabbing them while they are hot and slathering them with butter. She usually makes about 6-7 dozen rolls and there are none left over when we all go home. My sister, Jeri, with baby Jaycee Ruth Jeri's Homemade Crescent Rolls: A Thanksgiving Bread! As I was thinking about our Thanksgiving dinner, I thought Jeri's homemade crescent rolls would be the perfect bread. Here are some of her tips to make the rolls several days in advance: Once … [Read more...]

Easter Desserts! Our Family Favorites

Hummingbird Cake Easter is coming! St. Patrick's Day is over, and I'm now looking forward to spring holidays, dinners and desserts. The next holiday is, of course, Easter! My first thoughts were about which desserts I might want to make for our family Easter dinner. Desserts have always been kind of a central focus with our dinners, so I have compiled some of our favorites for you to check out. There are two cakes, four pies, a chocolate candy cookie that Randa and I made a few weeks ago, and my Grandmama Hall's Lemon Coconut Bars. I hope you find something that "fits your fancy" for your Easter dessert! Family Favorite Easter Desserts . . . Cakes: Hummingbird Cake The Hummingbird Cake is a Southern cake that has bananas, … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Candy Cookies

Chocolate Chip Candy Cookies! Is it Easter??? Candace's girls made Chocolate Chip Candy cookies in her shop. They used the candy from Valentine's Day, and they were a hit as well as delicious! So when Lynn bought some Easter Egg Peanut M&M's, I thought, "I'm going to make these cookies for Easter". Well, it's not Easter yet. It's another several weeks away. But, I needed to try out the recipe to see how it would be. Baking Cookies with Randa . . . Randa came over, and she and I made the cookies. I put the last cup of the M&M candies in a plastic bag, and broke them up with a rolling pin, while Randa creamed the butter, shortening, and sugars together. She is a Big help in the kitchen! Once she finished making the cookie dough, … [Read more...]