“Kindness”, from “Love Themes”, a Forte Friday post

Kindness, that small act toward others that means so much. It speaks blessings to others, shows acts of thoughtfulness and goodness toward others. It is an attribute of the heart . . .  Kindness is a language . . . Kindness . . . such a wonderful attribute to have and to show to others. We hear about "random acts of kindness". We hear about "be kind to your neighbor". So many opportunities to be kind to others. But kindness can take on many forms, such as acts toward others, consideration shown toward others, and even words spoken to others. Words . . . language. Mark Twain, in the quote above, said "Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." How true! Everyone, young and old, can recognize kindness. A … [Read more...]

“Forgiveness”, from “Love Themes”, a Forte Friday Post

"Forgiveness", the Key to Love . . . Love . . . that eternal emotion that we, as humans, long for. We want to love our spouse, children and other family members. And, in return, we want to be loved by them. But, sometimes, hurts and wounds can cause our relationships to suffer, and the love we so desperately desire, be at a distance. However, there is a Key that unlocks the door to the heart of even the most "unlovable" person. And, that key is "Forgiveness". What is "Forgiveness"? What is forgiveness? We've all heard, "You need to forgive everyone who hurts you." Sounds easy. Right? But, sometimes the hurts and wounds run so deep, it seems like an impossible task. And, as humans, it sometimes is . . . it, at times, requires an act of … [Read more...]

“Reflections in Time”, a Forte Friday Post

With a new year before us, let us take a few moments to reflect on where we have been, and where we would like to be in the upcoming new year.  "Reflections in Time", a Forte Friday post . . . Christmas is over, and we are gratefully approaching a new year. 2017 has been a year of transition, in a sense . . . as is every year, I suppose. We go from one year to the next, transitioning into another phase of our lives. Hopefully, we can look back at 2017 and see that we are better than we were the year before. And, while we look back to see where we have been, we have to look forward to see where we are going. So, I decided to share my song, "Reflections in Time", from my Mary's Song album. It is a song that is all about "reflecting" . . . … [Read more...]

“The Angels Came”, a song for Christmas, a Forte Friday post

"The Angels Came" . . . A couple of years ago, I decided I would work on a Christmas album. I wanted to base the whole album on Luke 2, the story of Jesus' birth. One of the songs was, "The Angels Came", a song about the angels singing at His birth. According to the Bible, angels appeared to shepherds who were in the fields with their flocks. The angels told them of the birth of a Savior. Then the shepherds journeyed to see this baby boy. With just days away from Christmas Day, I decided to share this song that I wrote about the day the angels came to the shepherds. Hymns about Angels . . . We know that the angels played a very important role in announcing the birth of Jesus. It is recorded in Matthew and Luke. And, over the years, … [Read more...]

“It’s Almost Christmas Day”, a Forte Friday Post

 "It's Almost Christmas Day", from "The Birth of Christmas" album, is a song to remember for the season by my friend and fellow musician, Charles M. Barnes. "It's Almost Christmas Day!" . . . a favorite song for Christmas You might be saying, "It's Almost Christmas Day!" And, rightfully so because Christmas is upon us! Just a few days left to shop, plan, cook, bake, and decorate! Well, you probably have already decorated. But, I'm pretty sure you still have some things left to do before Christmas Day. With that said, have you made your Christmas playlist? Will it include familiar Christmas hymns? Or, will it be more contemporary Christmas music? One of my favorite albums for Christmas is "The Birth of Christmas", an album by my … [Read more...]