Mary’s Song, an album for Good Friday and Easter!

Mary's Song . . . a Love Song . . . With tomorrow being Good Friday, followed by Easter on Sunday, I thought I would share with you three of the songs from the album I composed and recorded, "Mary's Song". This album is about the emotions Mary Magdalene felt in the days, maybe weeks, leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. In order to understand, it is important to look at her life as it related to Jesus. Mary Magdalene and Jesus . . . a love from a pure heart. We can see in the scriptures that Mary Magdalene is mentioned several times: Jesus cast demons out of her. It was Mary who sat at Jesus feet while her sister, Martha, was "cumbered about many things". She anointed His head and feet with oil prior to his … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Mama, and “To Mama with Love”

(L to R) Back Row--Candace, Jeri, Jason, Trey Front Row--Amber, Me, Mama) Today is Mama's 93rd Birthday!!! Mama is 93 years old today! She's been saying for six months that she's "93", but in reality, she did not cross that marker until today, January 6th:) Because of the threat of a winter storm coming to central Arkansas, we decided on Wednesday (Jan. 4) that we would get together instead of waiting until today. And, just as the weather forecasts had indicated, we did get snow this morning. We began planning on Tuesday. I baked the white birthday cake, and Victoria frosted it. Didn't she do a great job? It was a hit for sure! We ALL loved it! And, all the girls at Candace's shop signed a card for Mama:) She was so touched by that! … [Read more...]

Christmas Ambrosia for the holidays!

Christmas Ambrosia, an updated recipe for this generation! Christmas Ambrosia . . . it brings back SO many memories from my childhood. My Grandmama Hall made her wonderful ambrosia every Christmas. It was one of my favorite dishes for the holidays. She was so particular in making hers . . . the coconut had to be fresh . . . the oranges had to be peeled and all the pith removed. I made her ambrosia not too long ago for Lynn and myself, using the fresh oranges, but I did not try to crack a fresh coconut and go to all the trouble to extract the "meat". Today, we have so many more options in making many of the traditional holiday recipes. I found this recipe for Ambrosia by Alton Brown (Food Network). It was similar to another fruit salad I … [Read more...]

Breakfast for Dinner for Christmas 2016

Breakfast for Dinner for our Family Christmas Celebration! This year was different . . . instead of the traditional Christmas dinner I usually make, we decided to have a Breakfast for Dinner celebration! The traditional dinner consists of Huntington Chicken Casserole, Hash Brown Casserole, Mama's Holiday Gravy, salads, a variety of other vegetables and casserole, and of course, LOTS of desserts! Where the traditional dinner takes me 2-3 days to prepare all the food, the Breakfast for Dinner was done in just a few hours! You might ask, "How is that done???" The answer is . . . because it's Breakfast!!! Making the foods for our Breakfast for Dinner Christmas! We decided Tuesday morning that we would meet at Candace's house, instead of … [Read more...]

Peanut Snow Mix, a delicious treat!

A Holiday Tradition . . . Snow Mix has become a holiday tradition! And, now, I'm adding Peanut Snow Mix to my list, which is a variation of the original. In fact, I think it is actually better than the original Snow Mix. In my previous post, I shared with you that on Saturday, Trey and his children came over for me to help him make Snow Mix. It has been one of my favorite "munch" type snacks to make during the holidays for years. It is both colorful and delicious. Plus, you can change it for the seasons by changing the color or type of M&M's you choose to use. Making Peanut Snow Mix . . . Peanut Snow Mix is a really easy treat to make, which is perfect for the holiday season. You simply stir a few ingredients together, set … [Read more...]