Watermelon Feta Salad for lunch!

Watermelon Feta Salad for a Spring or Summer lunch! I love salads, and with summer coming, watermelons will be readily available. And, this Watermelon Feta Salad is the perfect light lunch for the warmer months of the year.  This salad recipe came to me from a friend who made it, and it is delicious--the perfect hot weather combination! In this salad, the watermelon and feta cheese make such a perfect pair. The saltiness of the feta is the perfect contrast in flavor for the sweetness of watermelon. Then when you add the peppery taste of fresh arugula and the homemade lime-cilantro vinaigrette, you’ve got an incredible salad that is sure to become a summer favorite. Making the Watermelon Feta Salad . . . This simple salad requires only … [Read more...]

Grilled Chicken Salad with Apples for a Spring Lunch!

Grilled Chicken Salad with Apples for a Spring Lunch . . . I love salads for lunch. The days I work at Candace's shop, I always eat a salad . . . the Strawberry Pecan Chicken Salad or the Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad. There's just something about a salad that is refreshing for lunch. When I found this recipe for a Grilled Chicken Salad with Apples, I thought, "What’s not to love about this recipe?"  I know I love the chicken and strawberries in the Strawberry Pecan Chicken Salad, so why wouldn't I love the one with chicken and apples? Making the Grilled Chicken Salad with Apples . . . When I looked at the two salads, I found that they are very similar: Both use boneless, skinless chicken breast meat Romaine lettuce And candied … [Read more...]

Seven Cup Fruit Salad!

5 Cup Salad . . . an old favorite! Five Cup Salad has been a delicious salad standby for years. It has always been a favorite of mine because it's easy, delicious, and versatile. This week, I made a Seven Cup Fruit Salad, based on the Five Cup Salad recipe, for our dinner. It was a perfect choice for either a side or a simple dessert after dinner. Lynn ate his after dinner, I ate mine with my dinner. Both work! Making the Seven Cup Fruit Salad . . . The original Five Cup Salad, as the name implies, has five ingredients: pineapple, mandarin oranges, coconut, and sour cream. Making it simply consists of draining the fruit, and then dumping it with the remaining ingredients and mixing well. It is one of the easiest fruit salads you can … [Read more...]

Asian Inspired Salad for a healthy choice!

Asian Inspired Salad for a healthy choice . . . In looking for a salad to go with the Pepper Steak I was making for our dinner, I decided to go in the direction of an Asian Inspired Salad, for a healthy choice. It would have many of the fresh vegetables associated with an Asian salad, and use a Ginger Dressing.  I compared several recipes and decided to create my own. The reason is that we like certain ingredients in some salads and not some of the others. The result was actually a cross between an Asian salad and an American green salad. It worked great for us! As I was putting this salad together I was taken by how beautiful the colors were and how well they complemented one another. The brilliant red of the red bell pepper, the bright … [Read more...]

Christmas Ambrosia for the holidays!

Christmas Ambrosia, an updated recipe for this generation! Christmas Ambrosia . . . it brings back SO many memories from my childhood. My Grandmama Hall made her wonderful ambrosia every Christmas. It was one of my favorite dishes for the holidays. She was so particular in making hers . . . the coconut had to be fresh . . . the oranges had to be peeled and all the pith removed. I made her ambrosia not too long ago for Lynn and myself, using the fresh oranges, but I did not try to crack a fresh coconut and go to all the trouble to extract the "meat". Today, we have so many more options in making many of the traditional holiday recipes. I found this recipe for Ambrosia by Alton Brown (Food Network). It was similar to another fruit salad I … [Read more...]