“To Grandmama’s House We Go, A Celebration of Family”1st cookbook cover--revised for FF

This cookbook is a tribute to my Grandmama Hall (1899-1992) who was a wonderful cook. She loved collecting recipes and cooking for the family and others, and was an inspiration for us all.  Her legacy continues, “generation after generation” now with her great-grandchildren carrying on her tradition.

Many of the recipes in this cookbook were my Grandmama Hall’s  that were handed down and are still our family favorites. Also included are some of my mother’s, my sister’s, as well as mine.  And, there is a section called, “Memories” which gives an account of Christmas at Grandmama Hall’s house, and Thanksgiving at Mama’s house.

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“To Grandmama’s House We Go, The Next Generation:”

A Celebration of Family and Friends”2nd cookbook--revised for FF

The second “To Grandmama’s House We Go” is dedicated to my mother, Geraldine Hall Booe, who took up the mantle of the family holiday dinners when Grandmama Hall was no longer able to prepare them.

This “To Grandmama’s House We Go” cookbook is a continuation of the first one, but includes recipes from other family members (aunts and cousins), and those that were given to us by friends. Most of the recipes are more contemporary–most dating from the 1960’s–but there are some “oldies, but goodies” which were not in the first cookbook.

Also included is a section on my daughter’s shop, “Chef Candace”, which is a little restaurant in Cabot, Arkansas. She regularly prepares our “family favorites” for her customers–taking Grandmama Hall’s legacy to another level.

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“Favorite Desserts from Our Family”

This 201-page cookbook is a collections of the favorite cakes, pies, and cookies of each member of my family from my mother (age 93)             down to my two youngest grandchildren (age 8).  Included are:

  • 13 cookie recipes, from our favorites through my grandparent’s generation;
  • 18 pie recipes, (includes my Mama’s Pie Crust recipe which is the only one we make, and my Italian Meringue);
  • 21 cake and frostings
  • Favorite Holiday Desserts for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter

All recipes are “tried and true”, even those from generations past that we still make today. All are favorites of my family. All are “sure to please”!

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