How to Host a Mother’s Day Luncheon!

How To Host A Mother's Day Luncheon

Host a Mother’s Day Luncheon for your Mom!

Mother’s Day Luncheons are a popular choice for hosting a meal for the girls in your family on Mother’s Day, especially your mom! I have hosted three of them in recent years, and all were quite enjoyable. Of course, it’s always wonderful to spend time with your family, especially when honoring your mother!

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    (left to right) Cara, Amber, me, Candace, Jeri, LaNan, Mama, and Vicki

How to plan a Mother’s Day Luncheon . . .

A Mother’s Day Luncheon doesn’t “just happen”. It has to be planned, as does any meal for a large gathering of family and friends. With that said, it’s not difficult to plan a luncheon. It just takes a little time and the commitment to follow through on the preliminary things that must be done, as well as those the day of your luncheon.

Guest List

Step 1: Decide on the Date and the Guest List

The first two decisions you have to make are when to have your luncheon, and who to invite. The date is primary because that may determine who CAN come. Even though Mother’s Day is on Sunday, you might want to have it the Saturday before.

As for the guest list, are you going to make it just for your immediate family, like mother, sister, nieces, etc.? Or, are you going to invite friends as well? The number of guests you invite will determine where you will want to host the luncheon, and maybe some additional “to-dos” if the number is greater than how many can be seated around your table. Also, will you send invitations, or call those you want to invite?

Two of the Mother’s Day Luncheons I hosted were for immediate family, and the third one included two of my cousins.

Step 2: Decide on your Menu

Your menu should consist of foods that your family really likes, perhaps Family Favorites. Plus, you should consider recipes that can be made in advance, like the day before, or even a couple of days before. Some dishes can be frozen beforehand, then thawed and cooked the day of your luncheon. The more dishes you can make in advance, the easier your luncheon day will be.

Here are some suggestions from one of my Mama’s Mother’s Day dinners. She kept a journal for decades of her menus and guest list:)

One of her easier Mother’s Day Menus was:

Step 3: Will your Mother’s Day Luncheon be somewhat formal, or very informal?

Some may want to host a more formal Mother’s Day Luncheon, while others will want theirs to be very informal. If you choose formal, be sure your guests know that so they can choose their attire appropriately. If informal, you might want to tell them to wear jeans and t-shirts. Whatever you want, relay that to your guests.

Step 4: What dinnerware, glassware will you be using? China or paper plates?

The dinnerware and glassware you will use will be determined by whether your Mother’s Day Luncheon is more formal or informal. If formal, you might want to use china and crystal. If informal, you may want to use really nice paper plates and cups.


Mama’s Plan for Hosting Family Dinners . . .

My mother had a “schedule” or plan that she followed when she was preparing a large family dinner. Her plan began two weeks from the date of her dinner. Perhaps her Schedule will help you plan your Mother’s Day Dinner:)

Two weeks out:

  • Check to see that you have all the dinnerware, glassware, and linens you will need for your dinner.

One week from the date of your dinner:

  • Check to see if you have all the silverware and serving dishes that you plan to use.
  • Make your grocery list. Go through each recipe. List all ingredients you need to purchase. Nothing is more frustrating than starting to cook and not having all the ingredients you need!
  • Make a list of any decorations, flowers you will need.

About three days out:

  • Shop for food and other items you need at your favorite grocery store or shopping center.
  • Decorate your house if that is part of your plan.

The Day Before Your Luncheon:

  • Set the table.
  • Cook foods that can be prepared in advance. Anything you can do the day before will help take the pressure off of you the day of your dinner.
  • Go back through your house and pick up or clean anything that needs to be cleaned.

The Day of your Luncheon:

  • Finish cooking and preparing all foods on your menu.
  • If you are using fresh flowers as a centerpiece, either go buy them or have them delivered. Do not get your flowers the day before!
  • Check your table to see if anything needs to be done.
  • Get ready to greet your family, serve them your “awesome dinner”, and make memories.
  • Remember to take LOTS of pictures! You might someday want to make a photo book of your dinner/celebration to present to your family!

Try to plan your menu and time so that everything is done or almost done when your guests begin to arrive. Then, just enjoy the time you spend with your family and other guests. After all . . . Mother’s Day only comes once a year! So, why not celebrate and enjoy it?


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