Apple Waldorf Salad for any season!

Spring is coming, and we start thinking about salads. This Apple Waldorf Salad is delicious as a salad, a side dish, or even a dessert. The beauty of this salad is that you can serve it any season of the year. Apple Waldorf Salad . . . a great salad to make for any season. I had bought over a dozen Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples, planning, of course to make some of my favorite apple recipes. I made this Apple Waldorf Salad for my "Girls Only Luncheon" last fall.  The menu was predominately different salads, of which this was one. It is delicious, and it uses apples, so I knew it would fit in the "apple" theme for my luncheon. But, since apples are available all year long, this delicious fruit and nut salad is great any … [Read more...]

Apple Congealed Salad, for an “apple a day”!

"An Apple a Day" . . . Fall is upon us. And with fall comes apples! I should say, apple season, because apples are available all year.  But they are better now. And, if you don't want to literally EAT your apples raw, you can eat them in this delicious Apple Congealed Salad! I know that congealed salads have fallen out of favor currently, so my daughter and sister tell me, but both Mama and I love them. So, I'm sharing this recipe . . . just in case . . . there are others like Mama and me . . . who still like congealed salads! Making the Apple Congealed Salad . . . A congealed salad is not difficult to make. In fact, it is fairly simple. It consists of mixing the gelatin with boiling water, mixing that with the chopped fruit and nuts, … [Read more...]