Buffalo Chicken Wrap for a quick and easy lunch!

Buffalo Chicken Wrap . . . a new one for me! Today I tried a new wrap for lunch . . . a Buffalo Chicken Wrap! I have never wanted to try it because I thought it would be hotter than I would like. But, surprisingly, it was not! Of course, we used "Medium" buffalo sauce instead of "Hot". So, I think it could be hotter for those who like it hot! Another plus for this new, tasty wrap, is that it is SUPER EASY! How's that for a quick and easy lunch idea? Making the Buffalo Chicken Wrap . . . The Buffalo Chicken Wrap is so easy and simple to make IF you have all the ingredients on hand: wraps lettuce shredded cheddar cheese baked chicken ranch dressing buffalo sauce That's it. Then you just layer the the ingredients … [Read more...]