Girls Only Luncheon, a Fall Family Gathering!

Our Girls Only Luncheon, a Fall Family Gathering! Apples are in season now. And with that comes many opportunities to make and create delicious apple salads, desserts, and even breads! Plus, it gives us a chance to celebrate both the change in season from summer to fall. With that in mind, I decided to host a "Girls Only Luncheon" for my Mama, my sister, Jeri, and her two daughters, Amber and Cara, and my two cousins, LaNan and Vicki. I planned for it to be served at Mama's house, because they all live in her hometown, and I would be there anyway on Friday. Since there are so many delicious apples available now, I decided to make the luncheon one featuring this wonderful fall fruit. Therefore, most of the recipes have apples in them. … [Read more...]

“If You Could Host ONE Awesome Sunday Dinner This Fall. . . “

"Theme" Dinners. . . A couple of years ago, I participated in an online course on writing small reports. I created mine around the theme, "If You Could Host One Awesome Sunday Dinner This Fall". Included in this report are three different "theme" dinners with menus, some recipes, tablescapes, suggestions for music, movies, even what to wear! While I'm sure most of you know what a "theme" dinner is, just for explanation's sake, it is a dinner that is planned around a theme. Examples would be like a 1950's car hop dinner, or a rock and roll dinner. I chose for my theme dinners three dinners that I had actually made for my family and friends. Because I have always loved to entertain, this was right down my alley.  "To Grandmama's House … [Read more...]