Our Family Easter Dinner, 2017

Our Family Easter Dinner, 2017 . . . We had such a wonderful time at our Family Easter Dinner on Sunday! All three of my children and six grandchildren plus Jason's fiance, April, and Cameron's girlfriend, Emily were with us to celebrate Easter. My granddaughter, Bethany, had come over on Saturday to help me prepare some of the foods in advance, which was a GREAT HELP! Of course, the two tables were already ready with tablecloths, centerpieces, and other place setting necessities. All were done so our Family Easter Dinner would be enjoyed by all . . .all done in advance for my family! Family . . . Besides celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, family, to me, is what Easter is all about . . . a day to … [Read more...]

Family . . . God’s Precious Gift to Mankind!

My Family . . . Family, to me, is one of the most precious gifts God gives us. Blessings from Him. If you are fortunate to have children and grandchildren, be thankful. And let them know everyday that you love them. I have three children, all grown with children of their own, and ten beautiful grandchildren! I am blessed:) My daughter, Candace, and her family live just a couple of blocks north of us now, and her three children are in walking distance from our home. Yay! I love that, because I lived just two blocks from my Grandmama Hall's house when I was in school. Back row, L to R: Randy and Candace Front Row, L to R: Cameron, Benjamin, and Randa My oldest son, Trey, and his family live in Beebe, just 14 minutes from our house. I … [Read more...]

Birthday Celebration for My Children, March 2017!

Another year has passed . . . My, how time flies! Another year has passed and once again, I hosted a Birthday Celebration for my three grown children on March 16th. We had a wonderful time with Candace, Trey and Jason, Jennifer and six of my grandchildren! I had spent several days (and weeks!) planning and preparing for our get-together, which included choosing the menu, making the "Family Favorite Desserts from our Family" cookbook, Goodie Boxes and bags, baking cookies and "Leprechaun Munch", and generally just putting the plans in action. The Planning: Several weeks ago, I decided to make the dessert cookbook for my three children that included all of their, and our, favorite cookies, pies, and cakes. It was a labor of love, … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Mama, and “To Mama with Love”

(L to R) Back Row--Candace, Jeri, Jason, Trey Front Row--Amber, Me, Mama) Today is Mama's 93rd Birthday!!! Mama is 93 years old today! She's been saying for six months that she's "93", but in reality, she did not cross that marker until today, January 6th:) Because of the threat of a winter storm coming to central Arkansas, we decided on Wednesday (Jan. 4) that we would get together instead of waiting until today. And, just as the weather forecasts had indicated, we did get snow this morning. We began planning on Tuesday. I baked the white birthday cake, and Victoria frosted it. Didn't she do a great job? It was a hit for sure! We ALL loved it! And, all the girls at Candace's shop signed a card for Mama:) She was so touched by that! … [Read more...]

Breakfast for Dinner for Christmas 2016

Breakfast for Dinner for our Family Christmas Celebration! This year was different . . . instead of the traditional Christmas dinner I usually make, we decided to have a Breakfast for Dinner celebration! The traditional dinner consists of Huntington Chicken Casserole, Hash Brown Casserole, Mama's Holiday Gravy, salads, a variety of other vegetables and casserole, and of course, LOTS of desserts! Where the traditional dinner takes me 2-3 days to prepare all the food, the Breakfast for Dinner was done in just a few hours! You might ask, "How is that done???" The answer is . . . because it's Breakfast!!! Making the foods for our Breakfast for Dinner Christmas! We decided Tuesday morning that we would meet at Candace's house, instead of … [Read more...]