Mary’s Song, an album for Good Friday and Easter!

Mary's Song . . . a Love Song . . . With tomorrow being Good Friday, followed by Easter on Sunday, I thought I would share with you three of the songs from the album I composed and recorded, "Mary's Song". This album is about the emotions Mary Magdalene felt in the days, maybe weeks, leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. In order to understand, it is important to look at her life as it related to Jesus. Mary Magdalene and Jesus . . . a love from a pure heart. We can see in the scriptures that Mary Magdalene is mentioned several times: Jesus cast demons out of her. It was Mary who sat at Jesus feet while her sister, Martha, was "cumbered about many things". She anointed His head and feet with oil prior to his … [Read more...]

“Mary’s Song”, a Forte Post

"Mary's Song" . . . the album . . . I know it's not Easter . . . but, I have been working on a sample track of my album, "Mary's Song", which was released in April of 2015. The theme of the songs center around Mary Magdalene and her love for Jesus, her Lord and Savior. As in the picture above, one of the important aspects of Mary Magdalene is that He revealed Himself to her first after he was resurrected. She then went to tell the other disciples who doubted her. The fact that He chose her to reveal Himself to, before the others, spoke volumes to me. She had to hold a special place in His heart. That's my opinion. So, I decided to share song with your that was the beginning of the "Mary's Song" album. It is appropriately entitled, "Mary's … [Read more...]

“Reflections in Time” on Broadjam!

"Reflections in Time", from "Mary's Song" album . . . I shared with you during the Easter season my song, "Reflections in Time", from my "Mary's Song" album. It is a song I wrote about Mary Magdalene and the emotions she had to have felt in the days leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. She was considered by many to be a disciple of Jesus. She followed Him, sat at His feet. It is said that after His death, she went on to establish over 700 churches, some of which may still be functioning today. Mary Magdalene spent a lot of time with Jesus during the years of His ministry on earth. And, I can only imagine the anguish she and the other disciples felt as He was led to the cross and crucified. She was one of those who stood at the … [Read more...]

“For Whom My Soul Loveth”, a NEW Forte Post!

I received GREAT news today! Broadjam sent me an email that my song, "For Whom My Soul Loveth", hit their Top Ten list for it's genre, at #1!!! #1 on Broadjam, Sunday, July 3, 2016!!! That is a first! In fact, I think this song's best performance was at #3, which was great to me! If you remember, just a few weeks ago, "For Whom My Soul Loveth" was chosen by a music company, PMG, to be considered for epic, dramatic underscore instrumental music for film. Charles M. Barnes and signed contracts with PMG for this song. We are both thankful and humbled at what is happening with this song. “For Whom My Soul Loveth” . . . the story Here is a recap of the story behind the song, "For Whom My Soul Loveth": “For Whom My Soul Loveth” is one of … [Read more...]