Jenara’s Buttermilk Pie!

Buttermilk Pie, a southern favorite! Have you ever had a Buttermilk Pie? Personally, I had not, until I made Jenara's Buttermilk Pie! Since I had never made a buttermilk, pie, I asked Jenara, a young woman in my church, for her recipe. Thankfully, she was kind enough to give it to me! If you don't know what a Buttermilk Pie is, it is a classic, traditional southern pie. I've always heard it was similar to an Egg Custard Pie, but to me, it really is more like a chess pie.  But, it does not have cornmeal in it, which most chess pies do. So, I guess, it is a cross between an Egg Custard Pie and a Chess Pie. Making Jenara's Buttermilk Pie . . . The filling for Jenara's Buttermilk Pie consists of eggs, melted butter, sugar, cornstarch, … [Read more...]

Dirt Pudding Pie, a yummy dessert without the worms!

Dirt Pudding Pie? Today I made two Dirt Pudding Pies. If you remember back in the day, Dirt Pudding was VERY popular. But, it was covered with gummy worms. The girls at Candace's shop today were talking about eating Dirt Pudding when they were little. So, when I got home, I made it . . . as a pie . . . but NOT with the worms! LOL! For those who don't remember Dirt Pudding, it typically is made with chocolate pudding and Oreo cookies, plus some other ingredients. But, the stars of this dessert were the gummy works that were poking out of the top. Kids LOVED it! Personally, I didn't like the worms, but I did like the pudding:) Making the Dirt Pudding Pie . . . This Dirt Pudding Pie is super simple to make with just a few ingredients. … [Read more...]

Blueberry Crumble Pie, a yummy spring dessert!

Food for the Body, Food for the Soul, Sharing Life with Everyone You Know! Blueberry Crumble Pie for dessert! Last night I went to Candace's for dinner. She had prepared a Tex-Mex meal and had made this Blueberry Crumble Pie for dessert. Out. Of. This. World!!! Randy loves Mama's Blueberry Cobbler, so she took her recipe and another one to create this one. I can tell you, it was BEYOND delicious! When I left, there was only ONE piece left of this yummy dessert! And, since blueberries are in season here, it's the perfect time and opportunity to make a wonderful Blueberry Crumble Pie! Making the Blueberry Crumble Pie . . . We have never made a Blueberry Crumble Pie, as far as I know, in our family. Rather, Mama would always make her … [Read more...]

Bethany’s Egg Custard Pie for her Daddy!

Bethany's Egg Custard Pie . . . Trey's last dessert! The day Trey came home from the hospital, Bethany and I made him his "favorite of all desserts", Egg Custard Pie. I have made it for him since he was a child, but Bethany, now 16, had never made it. So, it was time for her lesson on making my Grandmama Hall's Egg Custard Pie! This Egg Custard Pie became one of Grandmama Hall's signature desserts. She would make it for Grandaddy Hall as well as others, and often take it to church dinners and shut-ins. Grandmama was one of the best cooks in Prairie County, so they said:) Bethany with the cookbook I made her last summer. We will be adding the Egg Custard Pie to it, now that she has made it:) Making Bethany's Egg Custard Pie . . … [Read more...]

4 Favorite Desserts for Easter, from our Family Favorites!

Favorite Desserts for Easter! I recently made a dessert cookbook for my three grown children. So,  I decided to share four of our Favorite Desserts for Easter with you that we have made for our Easter dinners. Two cakes and two pies. Three of them are my mother's recipes and one is Candace's. All of them are delicious and totally appropriate for your Easter dessert table. Two Easter Pies! Two of our favorite Easter pies are Mama's Strawberry Pie and Mama's Refrigerator Coconut Pie. Since it is already strawberry season in central Arkansas, the strawberry pie would be perfect. But, if you want a really easy pie, then Mama's coconut pie is the one for you. Mama's Fresh Strawberry Pie . . . Mama's Strawberry Pie has a homemade crust … [Read more...]