Apple Bread with Bourbon Glaze, a must for fall!

It's Apple Season! Apples are plentiful now, and that has inspired me to make some apple recipes. Recently, I got an email with an Apple Bread with Bourbon Glaze recipe in it. The pictures were BEAUTIFUL!!! So, Mama and I made it. HUGE disappointment! The bread was dry, not moist. It could have been something I did wrong, but I didn't want to make it again and it not work out. So I found another Apple Bread recipe on Pinterest and added a Bourbon Glaze. This time, it was delicious, moist, and the Bourbon Glaze worked really well with it. Making the Apple Bread with Bourbon Glaze . . . Because I was intrigued with the Bourbon Glaze on an Apple Bread, I was determined to find a way to make it so that it was good. Mama and I assessed what … [Read more...]

Mama’s Zucchini Pineapple Bread for a summer treat!

What can I do with too much zucchini? Is that a question you ask yourself in the summer? If you have a garden, you probably have LOTS of zucchini that you need ideas for using. Well, you can be a good neighbor and bag up some of your extra zucchini to give to others. Or, you can bake up some goodies for yourself and anyone you think might enjoy it. That's where Mama's Zucchini Pineapple Bread comes in:) A family gathering at Chef Candace, and Mama's Zucchini Pineapple Bread! Last Friday, Mama and I met my 90-year old Aunt Ann and cousin, Annette, at Candace's shop in Cabot. Aunt Ann is Daddy's only surviving sibling from a family of seven children, and we had not seen them since Aunt Ann's 90th birthday party in March. We had such a … [Read more...]