Old-fashioned Strawberry Cobbler!

Cobblers . . . an old-fashioned dessert! Cobblers are a wonderful dessert for any season of the year, but especially when the fruit is in season. Since it is strawberry season here in Arkansas, I decided to make a Strawberry Cobbler. I've never made one, and actually never thought about it, but this spring Strawberry Cobbler recipes kept popping up in some of the other food blogs I follow. Mama's pie crust or a batter? When I think of a cobbler, I generally think about Mama's Peach Cobbler or her Blueberry Cobbler. She makes her homemade pie crust for both. But I saw in some of the other strawberry cobbler recipes that most of them used a batter-type crust or a biscuit-type topping. I guess I'm just old-fashioned myself. I just couldn't … [Read more...]