4 Favorite Desserts for Easter, from our Family Favorites!

Easter Desserts

Favorite Desserts for Easter!

I recently made a dessert cookbook for my three grown children. So,  I decided to share four of our Favorite Desserts for Easter with you that we have made for our Easter dinners. Two cakes and two pies. Three of them are my mother’s recipes and one is Candace’s. All of them are delicious and totally appropriate for your Easter dessert table.

Two Easter Pies!

Two of our favorite Easter pies are Mama’s Strawberry Pie and Mama’s Refrigerator Coconut Pie. Since it is already strawberry season in central Arkansas, the strawberry pie would be perfect. But, if you want a really easy pie, then Mama’s coconut pie is the one for you.

Mama’s Fresh Strawberry Pie . . .

Mama’s Strawberry Pie has a homemade crust with a cream cheese bottom layer. Then halved fresh berries are added, a cooked strawberry filling, and finally Cool Whip or whipped cream to top it off. This pie is a favorite with everyone in the family without exception. It’s a little time consuming, but you can bake your crust and make the filling the day before. Then the day you will serve it, make the cream cheese filling, slice the berries, and put the pie together. You will be glad you made this pie!!!


Mama’s Fresh Strawberry Pie

Mama’s Refrigerator Coconut Pie . . .

This recipe came from my Aunt Faye, who gave it to Mama many years ago. She makes it for many holidays, including Christmas. It is an easy pie and delicious. Mama makes hers with a homemade crust, but you can use a graham cracker crust. The filling is made with a Jell-O pie filling, and topped with Cool Whip and toasted coconut. In just minutes you can have this pie made and in your refrigerator until serving time.

Mama's Coconut Cream Pie

Mama’s Refrigerator Coconut Pie

Two Easter Cakes!

Our two favorite Easter cakes are Grandmama Hall’s Banana Nut Cake with Creamy Nut Icing and the Strawberry Cake. Bananas are available year round, so you can actually make this cake any season of the year. And, the Strawberry Cake is great for spring and Easter.

Grandmama Hall’s Banana Nut Cake . . .

This Banana Nut Cake recipe was given to my Grandmama in the 1940’s, but it will be the best banana nut cake you ever put in your mouth!


Grandmama Hall’s Banana Nut Cake

Strawberry Cake . . .

This Strawberry Cake can be made either in layers or in a 9×13-inch cake pan. Either way, it will be a delicious and beautiful cake for your Easter celebration! It is a favorite with family and friends.


Strawberry Cake

In deciding which dessert to make, consider how much time you have to make it. The easiest is Mama’s Refrigerator Coconut Pie. Next would be the Strawberry Cake especially if you make it in a 9×13-inch pan. Mama’s Strawberry Pie is one that you can divide into two days in preparation, which helps. And, finally, the Banana Nut Cake could be baked the day before, refrigerate the layers, then make the frosting the day of your dinner. I hope those suggestions are helpful for you.

Which dessert do you think would be one you might make for your Easter celebration?


  1. No flour for us this time of year!
    And, I have NEVER succeeded in making a pie (without already starting with a pre-made crust.)

    • Maribeth says:

      Well, Roy, use a pre-made crust! I agree, some people have trouble making a homemade pie crust. My mother is 93, has been making hers since her 20’s, so she’s pretty good at it. I use a mixer, she still makes hers like my grandmother did with a pastry blender. The mixer makes it much easier. And, if you don’t want flour this time of year, make them in another season of the year. LOL!

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