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Hi! My name is Maribeth. . .

I grew up in a small, rural town in central Arkansas in a family that loved to cook and have “Family Gatherings” on holidays and Sunday dinners. My Grandmama Hall, the matriarch of our family, was a wonderful cook, and started our “family traditions”. She became an inspiration for us all, and passed down her tradition of cooking and family meals. When Grandmama was no longer able to cook and fix the dinners, my mother took up the mantle.

Because of the influence of my family, I developed a love of cooking and entertaining–both of which became passions for me. Later in my life, my music was added to the list.

These passions–food and music–led to my desire to have a blog where the two would come together. The food–from recipes that have been passed down in our family, as well as other ones. –And the music–songs that touch the heart of the listener.

It is my desire that you will find recipes that will nourish your family, and music that will nourish your soul. And, I pray that you will be abundantly blessed as you cook for your family, friends, and loved ones!

 Food and Forte . . . Food for the body, and food for the soul!

Grandmama Hall

Grandmama Hall, at her 90th birthday party

About Food . . .

Some of my fondest childhood memories were the holiday dinners at my grandparent’s house. My Grandmama Hall would prepare the most delicious food for those dinners which included homemade yeast rolls that would melt in your mouth. And, there was always an abundance of her homemade candies and desserts.

At the Thanksgiving and Christmas Family Dinners, my grandparents, and the other “adults” (aunts and uncles) sat at the “big” table.  All the grandchildren sat at TV trays which were set up around the dining room walls.  It was always so much fun to share those times with my cousins–times of making memories.

Grandmama Hall, and my Mama, and the Family Dinners are the inspirations for my life and my blog:)

Mama, at Candace’s shop, Chef Candace

My mother continued in the tradition my Grandmama started, cooking some of the same dishes, but adding “new” ones as the years progressed. The family tradition continues even today as we gather at Mama’s house on Sundays, and at my sister’s house on holidays.

It is my belief that much has been lost in our society by families not eating together as they did in generations past. But, it is my desire that those who read these posts will find recipes or ideas to bring their families together, “one meal at a time”, and perhaps revive some of their own family’s traditions or start new ones.

About Music . . .

There’s much to be said about music, especially music that calms the soul. As I began to write music some years back, I wanted my music to be peaceful–music that would “touch the heart of the listener”–food for the soul, so to speak. It came to me some time after that to coordinate songs, which would enhance a person’s dining experience. The recipes or menus for a particular time or season of the year, and the songs,  are suggestions.

Keep in touch!

I would love to hear from you! What are some of your family traditions? Favorite family recipes? Favorite songs that take you back to a particular dining experience in your life?

I also would love feedback on my blog posts!

Thanks so much for stopping by!