“For Whom My Soul Loveth”, a Forte Friday Post!

“For Whom My Soul Loveth” is one of the eight songs on my “Mary’s Song” album. The songs in this album musically protray the emotions of Mary Magdalene in the days leading up to the cruxification of Jesus. This song, "For Whom My Soul Loveth", reflects the searching for one who is gone, as He would be.  "For Whom My Soul Loveth" on the Top Ten List . . . again! Broadjam sent me an emails this week that my song, "For Whom My Soul Loveth", hit their Top Ten list for its genre, at #1! I was elated! Then it was in the #2 spot the two days following that, of which I am extremely grateful. I am always thrilled when one of my songs hits one of the charts in any place. It's humbling to know that people listen to my music and like it:) And, … [Read more...]

Irish Cream Scones, a delicious breakfast treat!

Why not make these wonderful Irish Cream Scones for a St. Patrick's Day breakfast? The scones are soft and flaky with an Irish Cream glaze. Especially good with homemade jam! Irish Cream Scones, a delicious St. Patrick's Day treat! I've been wanting to make some scones for months. So, when I found this recipe for scones using Bailey's Irish Cream on Pinterest by The Suburban Soapbox, I decided it was time to take the plunge and make them! After all . . . I need to use that Bailey's Irish Cream that I bought last week. Right? So, these Irish Cream Scones became my next new Irish Cream recipe this week. Making the Irish Cream Scones . . . These Irish Cream Scones are really simple to make. The original recipe says to mix it all in one … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Favorite Recipes!

Favorite Recipes for St. Patrick's Day! I love St. Patrick's Day! During the years I was a public school music teacher, we always did special activities on holidays, and St. Patrick's Day was no exception. Sometimes I miss the days of teaching my music students the "Irish Jig":) (I was a K-4 Music Teacher:)) So when holidays roll around, I get excited. And, since I LOVE St. Patrick's Day, I thought that others might, too! Hence, I put together this collection of some of our Favorite St. Patrick's Day Recipes. Some are "oldies", like Corned Beef and Cabbage and the Watergate Salad. Others are "newbies" . . . sort of, like Leprechaun Munch and the Irish Stew with Noodles. All of them are tried and tested by my family. I hope you find … [Read more...]

Easy Strawberry Pie for Pi(e) Day!

Happy Pi(e) Day! I shared this pie last year, and, since strawberries will soon be in season, I'm sharing it again! It’s a wonderful pie for spring. Celebrate Pi(e) Day with an Easy Strawberry Pie! Easy Strawberry Pie is a great pie for Pi(e) Day, which is celebrated every year on March 14th. And, bloggers everywhere will be posting their favorite pies for you to try. I decided to post this pie, which is a variation of Mama's Fresh Strawberry Pie, but easier. Because of the mild winter, fresh strawberries are already available here. But, even if they aren't in your area, you can always buy fresh strawberries at your local grocery store. Last week, I decided to adapt Mama's Fresh Strawberry Pie recipe, using a jello filling instead of … [Read more...]

Irish Cream Brownie Cookies

These Irish Cream Brownie Cookies are perfect for St. Patrick's Day! They are full of chocolately goodness, Irish Cream and chopped pecans . . . with coffee or a glass of milk . . . divine! Irish Cream Brownie Cookies, for St. Patrick's Day! With St. Patrick's Day only a few days away, I decided to make a new cookie recipe that I found on Pinterest from Bake or Break. Last week, I bought a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, so I wanted to use it:) These Bailey's Irish Cream Cookies are not only "pretty as a picture", they look and taste like a fudge brownie . . . with a twist . . . the Bailey's Irish Cream liqueur. The original recipe looked easy, so I got to work making these St. Patrick's Day cookie treats! Making the Irish Cream … [Read more...]