Xiomara’s Authentic Guacamole!

Xiomara's Authentic Guacamole from Guatemala! We were so blessed to have Xiomara show us/ teach us how to make her Authentic Guacamole at our "South of the Border Cultural Food Fair" last week. Xiomara and her husband, Benjamin, who are from Guatemala, came to the United States in the 1980's. She shared with us how to make her Chicken Enchiladas, Mexican Rice, and this Guacamole. All of the food she showed us how to make were delicious! I'm waiting for the other recipes to share with you soon:) I chose to name both Xiomara's and Amalia's recipes as "Authentic" because their recipes are from their home countries as they prepare them there. One of the things that both Xiomara and Amalia expressed to us was the difference between the foods … [Read more...]

Amalia’s Authentic Pico de Gallo!

Amalia's Authentic Pico de Gallo, the real thing!!! Saturday was our "South of the Border Cultural Food Fair" at our church. Two of our Hispanic ladies prepared a delicious meal for us from their home countries (Mexico and Guatemala). Amalia Cox, from Mexico, made her Pico de Gallo, which I decided to name, Amalia's Authentic Pico de Gallo. After all . . . she should know how to make authentic pico de gallo, don't you think? I asked Amalia if I could share her recipe in a Blog Post, and she was gracious enough to say YES! You are in for a REAL treat!!! Making Amalia's Authentic Pico de Gallo . . . When we first got to the church, Amalia's daughter, Prissy, was assigned to cut the 8 Roma tomatoes. Prissy did a wonderful job preparing … [Read more...]

Trey’s Some Like It Hot Salsa!

Trey’s “Some Like It Hot” Salsa! One of my absolute favorite foods is Mexican, and I can make a meal on Jennifer's Cheese Dip, Trey's "Some Like It Hot" Salsa, and chips! So, I decided to make my son, Trey’s, salsa for our dinner tonight. When Trey makes it, he uses Habanero peppers. . . I used jalapenos. (I don’t like it quite as hot as he does:)) I don’t know where Trey got this recipe, but it is my favorite salsa to make, though I don’t make it as hot as he does!!! (Daddy and Mama on their 50th wedding anniversary.) When Trey first began to make this salsa, my daddy (his granddaddy) was still living. Daddy, LeRoy Booe, was an avid gardener, and one of the things he always raised was peppers:  bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, and, of … [Read more...]

Three Ingredient Bagel Bites for an Easy School Snack!

School Snacks for School Days! School officially started today. I heard the car lines were something else! Been there and done that! But, I know that when the children got home from school, they headed for a snack! That's where these Three Ingredient Bagel Bites come in. They are super easy and can be frozen, then baked to give the children a hot, but delicious snack after school or anytime. And who knows? Maybe the adults might like them too! After School Snacks for my grandchildren . . . As I posted many times before, my Grandmama Hall had a "snack" for each of her 8 grandchildren throughout the years we all were in school. It might be a piece of her Chocolate Sheet Cake, a Snickers candy bar, a bag of Fritos, or homemade cookies. … [Read more...]

How To Host An Awesome Patriotic Appetizer Party

Why not host a Patriotic Appetizer Party for the 4th of July? The 4th of July is upon us! Next week, actually. And, people will be planning cookouts, cook-ins, go camping, and a whole host of other ideas to celebrate Independence Day. Last year, I hosted a Patriotic Appetizer Party. Several of our friends came over to just visit. I served several of our family favorite appetizers and finger foods. Planning the Patriotic Appetizer Party . . . Once you decide to have a Patriotic Appetizer Party for the 4th of July, the first item of business is to decide who you want to invite. Do you want just family? Or, perhaps you want it to be just your friends. Or, maybe host it for a church group. Make your list, then it's time to plan your menu … [Read more...]