Irish Cream Scones, a delicious breakfast treat!

Why not make these wonderful Irish Cream Scones for a St. Patrick's Day breakfast? The scones are soft and flaky with an Irish Cream glaze. Especially good with homemade jam! Irish Cream Scones, a delicious St. Patrick's Day treat! I've been wanting to make some scones for months. So, when I found this recipe for scones using Bailey's Irish Cream on Pinterest by The Suburban Soapbox, I decided it was time to take the plunge and make them! After all . . . I need to use that Bailey's Irish Cream that I bought last week. Right? So, these Irish Cream Scones became my next new Irish Cream recipe this week. Making the Irish Cream Scones . . . These Irish Cream Scones are really simple to make. The original recipe says to mix it all in one … [Read more...]

Patti’s Lazy Day Cinnamon Rolls, Yum!!!

When you have a "hankerin" for homemade cinnamon rolls, but don't want to make them from scratch, make Patti's Lazy Day Cinnamon Rolls!  Patti's Lazy Day Cinnamon Rolls . . . What do you do when you really want some cinnamon rolls, but you aren't in the mood to make them from scratch? You make Patti's Lazy Day Cinnamon Rolls! This recipe was sent to me by my friend, Patti, who herself is a great cook! Her recipe starts with frozen rolls, and ends with delicious mouth-watering cinnamon rolls. That's my kind of recipe for a convenient breakfast food. Making Patti's Lazy Day Cinnamon Rolls . . . Patti's Lazy Day Cinnamon Rolls starts with a bag of frozen bread rolls. The rolls are thawed in a glass bowl, then mixed together to … [Read more...]

Cheddar Garlic Cornbread Biscuits

When you would like to make a little homemade bread for your meal, but don't have much time to spare, make these Cheddar Garlic Cornbread Biscuits. The cheddar and garlic add so much flavor to these little drop cornbread biscuits. Fast, easy and flavorful. Who could ask for more? Cheddar Garlic Cornbread Biscuits, an easy bread for dinner . . . Have you ever wanted some kind of homemade bread or biscuits to go with your lunch or dinner? Well, that happened to me recently. I had made a pot of Mama's Bean Soup, and I thought crackers were just too "blah". Sometimes I make Mama's Jalapeno Cornbread or Mama's Easy Jalapeno Cornbread. But, I wanted something easier to make and with a shorter baking time. I looked through my Pinterest … [Read more...]

Angel Biscuits for breakfast!

Fluffy Angel Biscuits with butter and jam for breakfast take us back to our childhood. These delicious biscuits also freeze well! Angel Biscuits for breakfast! Several years ago, my husband, Lynn, and I would travel to the little town of Flippin, Arkansas, to visit his sister, Carol, and her husband, Joe. Carol was, and is, is a wonderful cook and planned such delicious meals for us. Every morning, she would get up early and make Angel Biscuits for breakfast. While she made bacon, sausage, gravy, eggs to serve with the biscuits, we would enjoy coffee and conversation. Memories...Joe passed away in 2011, and Carol moved back to New Mexico to be close to her family. Carol (L), Maribeth (R) at the Alexander Family Reunion We miss … [Read more...]

Cherry Cream Cheese Roll, the perfect sweet treat for Valentine’s Day!

If you are looking for a different "sweet treat" for your loved one for Valentine's Day, you might consider this Cherry Cream Cheese Roll. The sweet braided roll has a cream cheese filling that is topped with cherry pie filling. Scrumptious! Cherry Cream Cheese Roll for Valentine's Day . . . Perfect! I always think of cherry desserts for Valentine's Day . . . Chocolate Covered Cherries (my favorite!!!), Jeri's Chocolate Cherry Cake (Daddy's favorite!), and Cherry Cream Cheese Pie (my son, Jason's, favorite!). And, this year I am adding a new one to my list . . . this Cherry Cream Cheese Roll. These delicious cherry filled braided sweet breads were, and are, extremely popular in my hometown and surrounding areas. I had not had one in … [Read more...]