Benjamins’ Blackberry Cobbler (Cooking with Grandkids)

Benjamin and Blackberry Cobbler . . . Last summer, my grandson, Benjamin, asked me to make him a Blackberry Cobbler. Summer came and went, and I forgot that he asked me to make this for him:( One day, a couple of weeks ago, he reminded me! OH MY!!! Blackberry season is officially over, but . . . they still sell them in the grocery store! Life Saver!!! So, Benjamin's Blackberry Cobbler quickly went to the TOP of my To-Do list. Sunday, after church, Benjamin came over and we made his Blackberry Cobbler. He is 13, so I asked him if he wanted me to make it, or did he want to make it? Guess what he said . . . HE wanted to make his Blackberry Cobbler! Candace has trained her children well. They ALL like to cook:) That is near and dear to my … [Read more...]

Sopapillas with Vanilla Ice Cream and Fresh Strawberries!

Sopapillas with Vanilla Ice Cream and Fresh Strawberries, a luscious dessert! Xiomara Bran-Vasquez, who is from Guatemala, made Sopapillas with Vanilla Ice Cream and Strawberries for the dessert at our "South of the Border" Cultural Food Fair at our church Saturday. This dessert is SO easy and the lusciousness of it, what can I say? As Kayla at Candace's shop says when something is delicious, "There are no words!" That's how I would describe these Sopapillas! So delicious, the English language can't do them justice to try to put it into words! Xiomara  Making the Sopapillas . . . Sopapillas are something that I have always wanted to make, but wouldn't try because I thought they were too hard. Boy, was I wrong! There are only 4 … [Read more...]

Coconut Oatmeal Pecan Cookies, for Crispy Cookie Lovers!

Any Crispy Cookie Lovers out there? While some in my family like soft cookies, I prefer crispy ones. I think it goes back to my childhood eating the Lunchroom Ladies Oatmeal Cookies. Anyway, most of the cookies I make are softer, but when I found these Coconut Oatmeal Pecan Cookies, I thought I had really found a "keeper"! This recipe is from my first Katy's Korner cookbook, her Collection of Favorite Recipes from Katy's Corner. I have used the cookbook so much, now both the front and back covers have come off! Anyone relate to that? (I just tucked both covers inside the cookbook so I wouldn't lose them:)) Everything I have made in her cookbooks has been excellent, so I knew these cookies would be no exception. Making the Coconut … [Read more...]

Oreo Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies, YUM!!!

Hubby's new favorite cookie, Oreo Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies! Lynn is on an Oreo Cookie kick! Every time I turn around, he has gone to the grocery store, and bought ANOTHER package of Oreos. So, when an Oreo cookie recipe came across my email from another blogger, I thought, "OK, it's time to try to make homemade cookies using some of those Oreo cookies!" And, guess what . . . he LOVED THEM!!! And so did Candace, Trey, Jason, and the grandkids that came over to eat them! The original Oreo Cookies recipe from Beth, at The First Year Blog, did not have chocolate chips nor pecans in them. They were just plain sugar cookies with chopped Oreo cookies in them. But, since Chocolate Chip Cookies are a favorite of my grandchildren, and Lynn has … [Read more...]

Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Pecan Frosting!

There's nothing better than homemade apple cake in the fall! Last week, I decided to make an Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Pecan Frosting with the apples my husband brought home. I looked through several apple cake recipes, and finally decided to make this one from my, once again, Katy's Corner cookbook. I wasn't in the mood to make a bundt cake, nor did I want to make a layer cake. So, this one, made in a 9x12-inch sheet cake pan, was perfect. Making the Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Pecan Frosting . . . In looking at Katy's recipe, I noticed that it called for 1 1/2 cups of oil. That seemed like a lot of oil, but with 3 cups of chopped apples, maybe it was ok. I checked out one of Mama's recipe, and it uses 1 cup of oil, so the extra … [Read more...]