Our PJs and Pancakes Christmas Dinner

Oh what fun! A PJs and Pancakes Christmas Dinner! If you know me, you know that I LOVE theme parties! And, Christmas is no exception. I ran across a post on some website about a PJs and Pancakes Christmas Dinner, and I thought, "What fun!" We have never had a pajama party . . . that is . . . since Candace was small. And that was over 30 years ago. So I called my son, Trey. He said that was a good idea. I called Candace and Jason. They has some reservations about it . . . you know . . . the "unknown" Christmas adventure. I was a little bummed, to say the least, but they then told me they would wear warm-ups or work-out clothes, instead of PJs. I said, "Wear that!" Anything to have my PJ and Pancakes party!!! I think the grandkids … [Read more...]

Celebrate Life: My Birthday, December, 2017

Candace hosted a lovely Birthday Dinner for me on my birthday, December 3. Family members who were able to come were Randy and Candace, Cameron, Benjamin, and Randa; Trey and Jennifer, Bethany, Brady, and Benson, and Jason. Food was wonderful! Candace's Ginger Cookies Dinner: Lasagna, Beef Lombardi, Green Salad and Garlic Bread Birthday Cake: Mandarin Orange Cake with ____ Candles! Resting with a glass of tea in front of Candace's fireplace, a place of comfort. And fellowship with family the best! Jennifer and Me . . . selfie! I'm not good at that! Candace, Jennifer, and _____ Jennifer, Trey, and Brady's eyes!!! Cuddling a newborn puppy! So Sweet!!! Marley had a litter of 10: 5 girls and 5 boys. At … [Read more...]

Our Thanksgiving Day Dinner at Jeri’s House, 2017

Our Thanksgiving Day Dinner at my sister's house was a wonderful family celebration with lots of delicious food, fellowship, and laughter! The decorated sugar cookies were done by her two daughters, Amber and Cara. Aren't they awesome? Our Thanksgiving Day Dinner at Jeri's House, Thanksgiving Day, 2017 Every Thanksgiving, Mama, my family, and my brother's family, all go to my sister, Jeri's, house for a Family Thanksgiving Dinner. My family consisted of 15 this year: Candace, Randy and their three children; Trey, Jennifer and their three children, Jason and three of his children, (Hailey, his oldest, didn't come), and me. My brother and his wife and youngest son came for his family. Jeri had all of her family: David, her husband, … [Read more...]

Our Thanksgiving Dinner, 2017

Our Thanksgiving Dinner . . . on Monday We had our Thanksgiving Dinner for my family before Thanksgiving Day. The reason is two-fold: We always go to my sister's house on Thanksgiving Day to be with whole family; and, I like to have it on Monday to help Candace out. The Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving Day is the busiest two days at her shop before the holiday bread. So, my family came for our Family Thanksgiving Dinner on Monday, November 20. Feast and Family . . . Generally, all the food is placed on my buffet, which unfolds to extend out several feet on both sides. This allows everyone to get what they want to eat, and the adults to not have to "pass" the food to the grandkids. Our Thanksgiving Dinner Menu . . … [Read more...]

Celebrating November with Thanksgiving and a Song!

Celebrate November with Thanksgiving, and "Thankfulness", the song . . The month of November is characterized by Thanksgiving and being thankful for the bountiful blessings we have received. Our focus turns toward the typical foods associated with this season of the year and an anticipation of the main holiday, Thanksgiving. During this month, I've been sharing some of our treasured family recipes and suggestions for ways to celebrate being thankful with your family, music and more. With Thanksgiving just days away, here are some thoughts about this American holiday and a song I wrote a few years ago. So, since it is Friday, I'm sharing it as the Forte Friday post. The song, "Thankfulness",  is at the end of this post. "What is … [Read more...]