Cherry Cream Cheese Pie Recipe. . .

Cherry Cream Cheese Pie, a festive holiday pie! If you are looking for a beautiful and delicious pie for the holidays, this Cherry Cream Cheese Pie is perfect! Plus, it is super easy to make. It will add a festive spark to you dessert table for any holiday. While it may seem more of a Christmas pie, we make it for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. This pie has been my son, Jason's, favorite pie since he was a child. And, even now, as an adult, he insists on taking the "leftover" pie home with him. . . all for him. . . :) I always had to make this pie for him when we have family gatherings. The Cherry Cream Cheese Pie Recipe . . . The Cherry Cream Cheese Pie recipe goes back decades. I first found it years ago when my children were … [Read more...]

Family Favorite Thanksgiving Pies

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it goes back to the beginning of our nations history and the principles on which we were founded--God, religious freedom, and America. And, I love the tradition of our Family Thanksgiving Dinner get-togethers. One of the highlights of those dinners has always been our Family Favorite Thanksgiving Pies.  Family Favorite Thanksgiving Pies! I try to always have a dinner for my children and grandchildren one night before Thanksgiving, even though we go to my sister, Jeri's, house on Thanksgiving Day. And, I ALWAYS make our Family Favorite Thanksgiving Pies! It seems everyone has their own "favorite", so I have to make different pies for each of my children and Lynn. In this post, I'm … [Read more...]

Favorite Food Blogs I Follow!

Today I'm sharing five of my favorite Food blogs with you. Some I've followed for years . . . some for months . . . but all are great resources for recipes and other information. Several years ago, when I first began working on writing my cookbooks, and actually before I started my blog, I found some favorite food blogs online: The Pioneer Woman Brown Eyed Baker Southern Plate The Pioneer Woman The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, has fabulous pictures for her recipes and updates regularly about her life on her "frontier". Candace gave me one of her cookbooks for Mother's Day before I ever knew she had a blog. Now, she is on Food Network, and is my husband's favorite cook to watch. Of course, that's probably because of her … [Read more...]

Arkansas Rice: A Household Staple

Arkansas: the Rice Capital of the World I have been on a quest this week looking for Arkansas recipes. My mind went to rice because it is so important to our state and it's economy, as well as to the families who grow it. Arkansas Rice . . . our favorite grain! Rice has always been an important staple in our household. I was married to a rice farmer. . . my Grandaddy Hall had a rice farm. . . all of my uncles were rice farmers. And, now, my two sons are farming with their dad, and the main crop is . . . RICE! Because rice has been such an integral part of our lives, I thought I'd share some information about rice as well as some of my favorite rice recipes. Plus, it is an Arkansas crop! The Benefits of Rice . . . There are many … [Read more...]

Five Pies for Pi Day!

Today, Monday, March 14, is Pi Day! What is Pi Day? It is a national celebration of the mathematical concept, which is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter and equals 3.14 Five Pies for Pi Day! Five Pies for Pi Day! Four are NO-BAKE Refrigerator Pies, one has to be baked. All are family favorites! Check them out and let me know what you think! I just shared this pie last week. It is the newest pie in my pie collection, "Butterfinger Pie". Mama and I made it last week and it is delicious! Butterfinger Pie This Chocolate Chip Pie was a new one for me in February. Notice the red cake/pie plate! A very tasty pie! Serve with whipped cream of course! Chocolate Chip Pie Cynthia's Key Lime Pie is SOOO easy to … [Read more...]