Snowy Candy Surprise Brownies, for a winter and Valentine treat!

Whether you make these Snowy Candy Surprise Brownies for a wintery treat or Valentine's Day, you will find that they are a delightful change from traditional chocolate brownies. The surprise is in the brownies! One day, Randa and I made these Snowy Candy Surprise Brownies. It was winter, and at the time, I was working on my "Winter Wonderland of Sweets" e-book. I was on the "lookout" for "snowy" treats. I found a recipe for a chocolate candy brownie, so we decided to make a few adjustments and add a surprise! The surprise is in the chopped candies that is folded into the batter. We didn't, however, put nuts in these brownies because the recipe didn't call for them. But there are nuts in the Snickers candies. Randa is going to be a … [Read more...]

Cherry Cream Cheese Roll, the perfect sweet treat for Valentine’s Day!

If you are looking for a different "sweet treat" for your loved one for Valentine's Day, you might consider this Cherry Cream Cheese Roll. The sweet braided roll has a cream cheese filling that is topped with cherry pie filling. Scrumptious! Cherry Cream Cheese Roll for Valentine's Day . . . Perfect! I always think of cherry desserts for Valentine's Day . . . Chocolate Covered Cherries (my favorite!!!), Jeri's Chocolate Cherry Cake (Daddy's favorite!), and Cherry Cream Cheese Pie (my son, Jason's, favorite!). And, this year I am adding a new one to my list . . . this Cherry Cream Cheese Roll. These delicious cherry filled braided sweet breads were, and are, extremely popular in my hometown and surrounding areas. I had not had one in … [Read more...]

Heavenly White Salad Recipe, a salad for Christmas!

Mama and I made this Heavenly White Salad for our Family Christmas Dinner. It is a modernized version of Grandmama Hall's White Salad, without the cabbage and cooked dressing. Still delicious, and much easier!   Heavenly White Salad . . . Mama's favorite! This Heavenly White Salad is one of Mama's absolute favorite fruit salads! Mama and I always like to have some sort of fruit salad included in our family holiday dinner menus. So she and I made it for our Family Christmas Dinner at my sister, Jeri's, house on Christmas Day. Mama refers to this Heavenly White Salad as a "modernized version of (her mother) Grandmama Hall's, traditional southern White Salad." The cabbage has been left out, and the dressing is a whipped … [Read more...]

Our PJs and Pancakes Christmas Dinner

Oh what fun! A PJs and Pancakes Christmas Dinner! If you know me, you know that I LOVE theme parties! And, Christmas is no exception. I ran across a post on some website about a PJs and Pancakes Christmas Dinner, and I thought, "What fun!" We have never had a pajama party . . . that is . . . since Candace was small. And that was over 30 years ago. So I called my son, Trey. He said that was a good idea. I called Candace and Jason. They has some reservations about it . . . you know . . . the "unknown" Christmas adventure. I was a little bummed, to say the least, but they then told me they would wear warm-ups or work-out clothes, instead of PJs. I said, "Wear that!" Anything to have my PJ and Pancakes party!!! I think the grandkids … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! In this season of love and joy, I pray that we continue to be thankful or all our blessings. One of my blessings is you:) Thank you for coming to my little blog, for trying some of the recipes, and, for your questions and comments. Together we make it better. My prayer and heartfelt desire is that 2018 will be a year of great blessings for you...your best year ever! God bless, and have a wonderful Christmas Day! Maribeth … [Read more...]