“For Whom My Soul Loveth”, a Forte Friday Post!

“For Whom My Soul Loveth” is one of the eight songs on my “Mary’s Song” album. The songs in this album musically protray the emotions of Mary Magdalene in the days leading up to the cruxification of Jesus. This song, "For Whom My Soul Loveth", reflects the searching for one who is gone, as He would be.  "For Whom My Soul Loveth" on the Top Ten List . . . again! Broadjam sent me an emails this week that my song, "For Whom My Soul Loveth", hit their Top Ten list for its genre, at #1! I was elated! Then it was in the #2 spot the two days following that, of which I am extremely grateful. I am always thrilled when one of my songs hits one of the charts in any place. It's humbling to know that people listen to my music and like it:) And, … [Read more...]

“Forever Yours”, from “Mary’s Song”, for Forte Friday

"Forever Yours" . . . the song in Mary's heart When you think of the words, "Forever Yours", what picture comes to your mind? The closing phrase of a love letter? A Valentine card? Or, does it bring to your mind the person who means the most to you. Maybe your husband or significant other. Perhaps it's a beloved grandparent or other loved one. Or, maybe it is your relationship with the Lord. "Forever Yours" with Him. Wow. When I wrote the songs to my "Mary's Song" album, it was to musically depict the emotions Mary Magdalene felt in the days leading up to the crucifixion. Joy, sadness, wonder, separation, longing. . . the more I wrote, the longer the list became. One thing I knew was that to Mary, she would always be "Forever Yours" to … [Read more...]

“Heaven” . . . a Forte Friday post

I'm sharing my song, "Heaven", in honor of Rev. Billy Graham, who passed away last week. I'm quite sure all in Heaven are rejoicing!  "Heaven", for Forte Friday . . . For this week's Forte Friday post, I'm sharing my song, "Heaven", from my first album, "Creation: A Musical Tapestry". As I stated in a previous post, this album musically depicts the creation story as recorded in Genesis 1. "Heaven" is the first song in my "Creation: A Musical Tapestry" CD. All songs were written and recorded by me--the piano part--and orchestrations were by Charles M. Barnes. "Heaven" in Genesis 1:1 . . .  "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." (KJV) Genesis 1:1 When you think about heaven, what thoughts or images come to your … [Read more...]

“Forgiveness”, from “Love Themes”, for Forte Friday

Remember the song, "What the World Needs Now is Love"? It seems that song would definitely describe what we need now in our country. And, the beginning of Love is "Forgiveness". "Forgiveness", in a world that needs Love . . . What the world needs now is "love, sweet love". Remember that song by Burt Bacharach? It was 1965, and we were embroiled in the Vietnam war. Much of the music of that era spoke of love, and that we needed more of it. But you can't have Love without "Forgiveness". In fact, forgiveness has to be involved in any relationship in order for love to thrive. In our world today, not much has changed, really. Now we are, and have been, involved in wars in the Middle East for several years. And, then recently, we are … [Read more...]

“Hope”, a Forte Friday Post

I'm sharing my song, "Hope", to send some comfort to those who lost loved ones in the Florida school shooting on Valentine's Day. Nothing can change the event, but it's Hope that gives a reason to live on. Hope, what gives us a reason to live . . . Our country has suffered yet another school shooting. On Valentine's Day, a day where we are all supposed to show love to everyone, especially those we are close to. As I write this post, 17 lost their lives . . . 3 teachers, and 14 students. Not only were lives lost, so were their futures, future children and grandchildren. When a life is lost, a world is lost. For those who have suffered such a great loss, it may seem an impossible task to go on living. But Hope . . . Hope is what gives … [Read more...]