Benjamin’s Pumpkin Pie, Cooking with Grandkids!

Cooking with Grandkids . . . such a joy! And, this pumpkin pie is a perfect choice to bake with them, especially if they like pumpkin pie, because it's a one-bowl filling.  Cooking with Grandkids . . . Benjamin's Pumpkin Pie My grandson, Benjamin, came over one day. I asked him what he wanted to do. He said, "Make a pumpkin pie." That's a little unusual for a 13-year old, but, we made Benjamin's Pumpkin Pie . . . Cooking with Grandkids!! Would you believe that he rolled out the crust and made the pie? Well . . . he did. I helped, but essentially, he made it all. Making Benjamin's Pumpkin Pie . . . Benjamin's Pumpkin Pie is really my mother's pumpkin pie. . . which is actually the Libby's Pumpkin Pie recipe on the can. And the crust … [Read more...]

Making Mama’s Perfect Pie Crust from Scratch

Mama's Perfect Pie Crust . . . from scratch I went to Mama's Wednesday to help her get the food made for our Thanksgiving Dinner at my sister's house, Thursday. Running late, as usual, I didn't have time to make MY pie crust for the chocolate pie I was going to make. So, I thought, "No big deal. I'll make it at Mama's house." Fine . . . except . . . Mama doesn't have a standing mixer to make pie crust in, which is how I make it now. I forgot that one little fact. It's been YEARS since I made a pie crust using a pastry blender. Just sayin'. Making Mama's Perfect Pie Crust from scratch . . . Ok. So, I get to Mama's. She has already made HER pie crust for the pumpkin pie she was going to make. I said, "Well, I didn't have time to make my … [Read more...]

Cherry Cream Cheese Pie Recipe. . .

Cherry Cream Cheese Pie, a festive holiday pie! If you are looking for a beautiful and delicious pie for the holidays, this Cherry Cream Cheese Pie is perfect! Plus, it is super easy to make. It will add a festive spark to you dessert table for any holiday. While it may seem more of a Christmas pie, we make it for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. This pie has been my son, Jason's, favorite pie since he was a child. And, even now, as an adult, he insists on taking the "leftover" pie home with him. . . all for him. . . :) I always had to make this pie for him when we have family gatherings. The Cherry Cream Cheese Pie Recipe . . . The Cherry Cream Cheese Pie recipe goes back decades. I first found it years ago when my children were … [Read more...]

Family Favorite Thanksgiving Pies

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it goes back to the beginning of our nations history and the principles on which we were founded--God, religious freedom, and America. And, I love the tradition of our Family Thanksgiving Dinner get-togethers. One of the highlights of those dinners has always been our Family Favorite Thanksgiving Pies.  Family Favorite Thanksgiving Pies! I try to always have a dinner for my children and grandchildren one night before Thanksgiving, even though we go to my sister, Jeri's, house on Thanksgiving Day. And, I ALWAYS make our Family Favorite Thanksgiving Pies! It seems everyone has their own "favorite", so I have to make different pies for each of my children and Lynn. In this post, I'm … [Read more...]

Mama’s Pecan Pie Recipe

Mama's Pecan Pie is so scrumptious. The filling is always perfect, and the pecans add just the right amount of crunch! Thanksgiving and Mama's Pecan Pie . . . It's November, and that means we start thinking and making plans for our Thanksgiving dinner. Last Thanksgiving I went to Mama's the day before Thanksgiving and we made three pies, one of which was Mama's Pecan Pie. We also made her Corn Pudding, Patti's Cranberry Sauce, and her Holiday Gravy. I'm sure this Thanksgiving, we will do the same . . . even though Mama says, "I'm only making the Holiday Gravy!" LOL! She says that every holiday. And, every holiday, we make at least 5 recipes of foods we like for the family Thanksgiving dinner. Mama's Pecan Pie, Paula Deen, and the … [Read more...]