Easy Strawberry Pie for Pi(e) Day!

Happy Pi(e) Day! I shared this pie last year, and, since strawberries will soon be in season, I'm sharing it again! It’s a wonderful pie for spring. Celebrate Pi(e) Day with an Easy Strawberry Pie! Easy Strawberry Pie is a great pie for Pi(e) Day, which is celebrated every year on March 14th. And, bloggers everywhere will be posting their favorite pies for you to try. I decided to post this pie, which is a variation of Mama's Fresh Strawberry Pie, but easier. Because of the mild winter, fresh strawberries are already available here. But, even if they aren't in your area, you can always buy fresh strawberries at your local grocery store. Last week, I decided to adapt Mama's Fresh Strawberry Pie recipe, using a jello filling instead of … [Read more...]

Millionaire Chocolate Pecan Pie, rich and delicious!

If you are looking for an awesome pie to serve to your family or friends, this Millionaire Chocolate Pecan Pie is a perfect choice. The layers of coconut, chocolate chips, and pecans create a memory-making dessert experience! Millionaire Chocolate Pecan Pie, a pie for the rich and not so rich! Candace gave me a pie crust dough ball last week. When I got home, I thought, "What pie can I make with this?" I didn't want to make something that took a long time, since I had already made three of my Coconut Pies with Italian Meringue for some of her customers. I was "pie-d out". But I also didn't want this pie crust to not be used. So, I checked Pinterest for a pie that looked delicious and not to hard to make. I found it in this Millionaire … [Read more...]

6 Favorite Lemon Recipes for Spring

These 6 favorite lemon recipes are from my family's favorites. From a lemon cake to lemon bars and several different lemon pies, there will be something for everyone in this collection! 6 Favorite Lemon Recipes to plan for Spring! We just had several days of dreary rainy days. It really makes you look forward to the sunny days of Spring. And, Spring's coming! Yay! So, I decided to share 6 Favorite Lemon Recipes that you can plan for Spring:) Two of the recipes are my Mama's, one my Grandmama Hall's, one is from my friend, Martha Faulkner, and two are recipes I make. I hope you find some that your family will like! So, here they are! Martha's Lemon Meringue Pie Martha Faulkner, a friend of mine from church, gave me her Lemon Meringue … [Read more...]

Lemon Lush Pie: A Spring Dessert

With spring being only 4 weeks away, why not plan to get a headstart and make this Lemon Lush Pie? It's a three-layer pie that will please every lemon lover in your family. Lemon Lush Pie, get a headstart for spring . . . Lemons are certainly associated with spring. And, this Lemon Lush Pie will definitely be one you will want to add to your spring dessert collection. I saw today that spring is only 4 weeks away. I say, "Great"! But, why wait until spring's arrival to plan some recipes to make for that season? I say, make them now! Lemon Lush Dessert . . . Recently, I have seen a lot of lemon desserts on the internet. One was a Lemon Lush Dessert. It intrigued me because it looked so delicious, but, that one was made in a 9"x13" … [Read more...]

Mini Chocolate Crinkle Pies, a Valentine’s Day treat!

Nothing says Valentine's Day like chocolate! And these Mini Chocolate Crinkle Pies will melt in your mouth and warm your heart:) Mini Chocolate Crinkle Pies for Valentine's Day . . . Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Two weeks from yesterday! So, our thoughts turn to the things we associate with Love, like chocolate! Right? And romantic dinners for two, maybe. If you plan a romantic dinner for two, or a Valentine Dinner for your family, these Mini Chocolate Crinkle Pies will be a real treat! Almost like tarts, they are made with Mama's Perfect Pie Crust, and filled with a fudgy chocolate pie filling that is almost addictive. Seriously! About the Mini Chocolate Crinkle Pies . . . Yesterday the thought came to me to NOT … [Read more...]