Apple Waldorf Salad for any season!

Spring is coming, and we start thinking about salads. This Apple Waldorf Salad is delicious as a salad, a side dish, or even a dessert. The beauty of this salad is that you can serve it any season of the year. Apple Waldorf Salad . . . a great salad to make for any season. I had bought over a dozen Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples, planning, of course to make some of my favorite apple recipes. I made this Apple Waldorf Salad for my "Girls Only Luncheon" last fall.  The menu was predominately different salads, of which this was one. It is delicious, and it uses apples, so I knew it would fit in the "apple" theme for my luncheon. But, since apples are available all year long, this delicious fruit and nut salad is great any … [Read more...]

Black Bean and Rice Salad, a tasty side or salad

Black Bean and Rice Salad, a new and tasty dish! When I planned our Hanukkah Dinner, I needed a salad or side dish to go with my vegetarian menu. The menu leaned toward Mexican food, so I chose to make this Black Bean and Rice Salad. My daughter, Candace, had given me a recipe for this salad years ago, but I never made it. So, I took her recipe, and another one I found, and created this one. I can tell you, this salad is almost ADDICTIVE! My husband couldn't stop eating it! LOL! And, our guests loved this Black Bean and Rice Salad, with everyone going back for seconds . . . and thirds! Making the Black Bean and Rice Salad . . . Since we were having guests, I decided to double the recipe for this Black Bean and Rice Salad. But, for a … [Read more...]

Heavenly White Salad Recipe, a salad for Christmas!

Mama and I made this Heavenly White Salad for our Family Christmas Dinner. It is a modernized version of Grandmama Hall's White Salad, without the cabbage and cooked dressing. Still delicious, and much easier!   Heavenly White Salad . . . Mama's favorite! This Heavenly White Salad is one of Mama's absolute favorite fruit salads! Mama and I always like to have some sort of fruit salad included in our family holiday dinner menus. So she and I made it for our Family Christmas Dinner at my sister, Jeri's, house on Christmas Day. Mama refers to this Heavenly White Salad as a "modernized version of (her mother) Grandmama Hall's, traditional southern White Salad." The cabbage has been left out, and the dressing is a whipped … [Read more...]

Christmas Ambrosia for the holidays!

This Christmas Ambrosia is so similar to my Grandmama Hall's Ambrosia that she made when I was a child. This updated recipe is much easier to make than hers, but still delicious. Memories . . . :) Christmas Ambrosia, an updated recipe for this generation! Christmas Ambrosia . . . it brings back SO many memories from my childhood. My Grandmama Hall made her wonderful ambrosia every Christmas. It was one of my favorite dishes for the holidays. She was so particular in making hers . . . the coconut had to be fresh . . . the oranges had to be peeled and all the pith removed. I made her ambrosia not too long ago for Lynn and myself, using the fresh oranges, but I did not try to crack a fresh coconut and go to all the trouble to extract the … [Read more...]

Mama’s Cranberry Apple Pecan Salad Recipe

Mama's Cranberry Apple Pecan Salad is easy to make, it is delicious, and with the whole berry cranberry sauce, it is a perfect salad for Thanksgiving. Mama's Cranberry Apple Pecan Salad for Thanksgiving! My Mama's Cranberry Apple Pecan Salad--one of our traditional fall congealed salads-- is full of fruity goodness. . . a whole unpeeled Red Delicious apple, crushed pineapple and a whole can of whole berry cranberry sauce. But that's not all. . . the crunch of the pecans not only adds another level of flavor, it adds a whole different texture as well! Mama's Cranberry Apple Pecan Salad . . . Not only is Mama's Cranberry Apple Pecan Salad easy to make, it is delicious. . . one of my favorites! With the whole berry cranberry sauce, … [Read more...]