Italian Chicken Soup, for the Slow Cooker

If you are looking for a delicious soup to make in your Slow Cooker, this Italian Chicken Soup may be just what you are looking for. It's full of chicken, some veggies and ditalini noodles, a hearty soup for lunch or dinner. Italian Chicken Soup, one of my new favorite soups! Recently I made Italian Chicken Soup. Candace serves one in her shop that is divine, so I looked for a recipe that I could make in my slow cooker. Since I work at her shop two days a week, I like to have some Crock Pot meals to fall back on. What I found was that this soup, like most I make, will cook just fine in a slow cooker, and be ready to eat when you get home. Making the Italian Chicken Soup . . . I found several recipes for Italian Chicken Soup on … [Read more...]

Gran’s 30 Minute Chili, a quick and easy meal for “chilly” days!

Gran's 30-Minute Chili is the perfect quick and easy meal when the weather is cold outside. Just dump, pour, simmer and eat! This hearty chili is both filling and delicious!  Gran's 30 Minute Chili, the perfect one-pot meal! Fall has FINALLY decided to settle in! The last two days have been "chilly" outside, especially today! So I decided to make a chili recipe that I made when my children were growing up, Gran's 30-Minute Chili. It is an easy, one-pot meal that will be ready to eat in just 30 minutes! How's that for a "warm you up" meal? Gran's 30 Minute Chili vs. Aunt Ann's Chili, both Family Favorites! Gran is my children's grandmother on their daddy's side. She is still living--84 years old. She gave me her recipe for this … [Read more...]

Halloween Soup Recipe!

This Halloween Soup is a hearty combination of meat, a variety of vegetables, and ditalini noodles. The noodles look like "bones", which is a delight for children. But, don't just make this soup for Halloween . . . it's good anytime you want soup! (This post was originally on on my blog last year in October.) Halloween Soup . . . an update! In October, 2015, I posted the Halloween Soup that I made when my children were small. Surprisingly, it was the #1 blog post for my Food and Forte Blog for 2015! So, I'm sharing it again with a few updates to the recipe. I noticed I didn't put ounces on some of the ingredients, which is important in order for the recipe to turn out the way we make it. So, here is Halloween Soup . . .  Halloween … [Read more...]

Easy Chicken Stew with Brown Rice!

What's for dinner? The eternal question for working moms . . . and even us retirees: What's for dinner? When I work at Candace's shop, the last thing I want to think about is cooking dinner. I look for recipes I can put together fairly quickly, and still be tasty and nutritious. That's where this Easy Chicken Stew with Brown Rice comes in. I found a collection of Sukkot recipes. (For those of you who don't know what Sukkot is, it is the Harvest feast of the Jewish people . . . similar to our Thanksgiving. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in these recipes.) One of the recipes was for a Chicken Okra Stew. It looked really good, but, I didn't have any okra, AND I didn't want to go to the grocery store to get some. Anyone been there? So, … [Read more...]

3 Ingredient Vegetable Beef Soup!

3 Ingredient Vegetable Beef Soup . . . a quick and easy meal! School is getting ready to start. In fact, next week children will be back in school. So, from my years of being a public school music teacher, I know that "Back to School" means  a need for "Quick and Easy" meals. This 3 Ingredient Vegetable Beef Soup is definitely Quick and Easy! And simple, but delicious! Making the 3 Ingredient Vegetable Beef Soup . . . I found this recipe back in the spring when I was looking for some really good 3 ingredient recipes. It looked good, so I decided to give this one a try. The three ingredients are: Ground round (I only buy ground round because of the much lower fat content.) V-8 juice (This is the FIRST time I bought or used V-8 … [Read more...]