“Kindness”, from “Love Themes”, a Forte Friday post

Kindness, that small act toward others that means so much. It speaks blessings to others, shows acts of thoughtfulness and goodness toward others. It is an attribute of the heart . . . 

Kindness is a language . . .

Kindness . . . such a wonderful attribute to have and to show to others. We hear about “random acts of kindness”. We hear about “be kind to your neighbor”. So many opportunities to be kind to others. But kindness can take on many forms, such as acts toward others, consideration shown toward others, and even words spoken to others. Words . . . language.

Mark Twain, in the quote above, said “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” How true! Everyone, young and old, can recognize kindness.

A Random Act of Kindness . . .

Recently my husband and I went to a local fast food restaurant. It was kind of late. I had been baking all day, and he said, “Let’s go get some take-out food and bring home to eat.” That totally was ok with me. I didn’t want to go into a restaurant because, when I don’t have to go out, I don’t put makeup on! Anyone else like me on that??? Anyway, we went to the drive-through, ordered our food, and when we got to the window, the guy said, “Your food was paid for by the lady in the car in front of you.” WOW!!! It was the week before Christmas, and what a lovely “random act of kindness”. Now it was time to “pay it forward”. Have you done a “random act of kindness” toward anyone lately?

Kindness in language (words) . . .

Kindness is shown in our words when we speak kindly toward others. (How hard is that?) Or, when we encourage someone who needs it, or listen and give kind, thoughtful comments to others. God made us to be a voice of BLESSINGS. And, speaking words of kindness is giving voice to blessing others. How are you blessing others with the words you speak? Are you speaking blessings over your children? Encouraging them when they need it? Listening to them when they have something to say? The words you speak show others how kind (or not kind) you are.

Love Themes

“Kindness”, from the “Love Themes” album . . .

“Kindness” is the fourth song on my “Love Themes” album. It is piano with some instruments for accompaniment. The “Love Themes” album was written to musically depict ten attributes of the emotion, Love. Kindness is one of those attributes.

As you listen to “Kindness”, think of ways you can show kindness to others, or how others have shown kindness to you. Comment and let me know what you thought about:)


The “Love Themes” album is available on iTunes (downloads),as well as CD Baby. (Downloads and physical CDs) Other songs on this album include “Forgiveness”, “Embrace”, “Kiss”, “Compassion”, “Turning”, “How?, “Hope”, “Life”, and “Love”.

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