I am also a pianist. . .

I have studied and played the piano since I was eight years old. But, it wasn’t until the year 2000 that I began to “hear” songs and write them down. Prior to that, composing music was not something I could do, although I had tried many times. I believe it is a gift that was given me, and my desire is to write songs that bring peace and “touch the heart of the listener”. Currently, I have recorded two CD’s. . .

Two of my albums are available for purchase here on my site as physical CD’s: “Creation: A Musical Tapestry”, and “Love Themes” . If you’re looking for a digital download instead, please visit They are available through the CD Baby and iTunes links located in the left sidebar.

The new album, “Mary’s Song” is downloadable only. It is available on CD Baby and iTunes.

“Creation: A Musical Tapestry”

creationThe inspiration for this CD came from a request by my daughter, Candace, to write a song for her personal chef website, “Candace’s Creations”.

I wrote the song, “Creation”, as a piano solo, and took it to Charles M. Barnes’ recording studio to record it for her. After hearing it, he felt it was supposed to be part of an album which ultimately had ten songs–eight songs outlining the Biblical account of creation in Genesis 1, and two from Psalm 23. All the songs are fully orchestrated and are described as sounding like “movie music”. The album was released at a CD Listening Party which was held at the historic Trapnall Hall in Little Rock, Arkansas in July 2010.

Consequently, the “Creation” song was not used by Candace for her website. She later opened her shop, “Chef Candace”, with a website of the same name.

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 “Love Themes”Love Themes

The songs in the “Love Themes” CD were written to depict some of the various emotions of “love”: “Forgiveness”, “Embrace”, “Kiss”, “Kindness”,  “Hope”, and “Love” to name some of the titles. Of the ten songs on the CD, six of the songs are piano solos, and the remaining four are orchestrated by Charles M. Barnes. All have been described as “peaceful”, “soothing”, “calms the soul”.

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“Mary’s Song”

“Mary’s Song” is a collection of eight songs that musically depicts the emotions that Mary Magdalene had to have felt in the days and weeks before Jesus went to the cross. Throughout the centuries, Mary Magdalene has been a popular Biblical figure. Her story is that of the lowly who finds redemption through the of the love of Jesus Christ. Pianist Maribeth Alexander depicts through music, the emotions of Mary Magdalene as she follows Christ even through His death and resurrection. The piano style of Maribeth along with orchestrations by Charles M. Barnes, will leave you feeling the emotions that Mary felt throughout her journey.

Six of the songs are orchestrated, the other two are piano only. Songs include “Mary’s Song”, “Reverence”, “For Whom My Soul Loveth”, “Forever Yours”, “Separation”, “Her Tears”, “Reflections in Time”, and “Love’s Song”.

“Mary’s Song” is available as a download from CD Baby and iTunes.