Autumn Apple Chicken Salad, a fall delight!

Autumn Apple Chicken Salad, the perfect fall lunch! In keeping with my "I love a salad for lunch!" mentality, I found a recipe for an apple chicken salad from It used similar ingredients to those I like to put in my salads, like baked chicken, dried cranberries, feta cheese and pecans. So, I decided to take her recipe and put my twist on it to make my own salad, the Autumn Apple Chicken Salad:) Making the Autumn Apple Chicken Salad . . . I loved the way she placed her salad ingredients in "rows" on the plate . . . kinda like a Cobb Salad. Then, once she poured the dressing on, she tossed the salad. The differences between her recipe and mine are: I substituted sliced apples for the pears. The pecans I … [Read more...]