Snowy Candy Surprise Brownies, for a winter and Valentine treat!

Whether you make these Snowy Candy Surprise Brownies for a wintery treat or Valentine's Day, you will find that they are a delightful change from traditional chocolate brownies. The surprise is in the brownies! One day, Randa and I made these Snowy Candy Surprise Brownies. It was winter, and at the time, I was working on my "Winter Wonderland of Sweets" e-book. I was on the "lookout" for "snowy" treats. I found a recipe for a chocolate candy brownie, so we decided to make a few adjustments and add a surprise! The surprise is in the chopped candies that is folded into the batter. We didn't, however, put nuts in these brownies because the recipe didn't call for them. But there are nuts in the Snickers candies. Randa is going to be a … [Read more...]

Lynn’s Chocolate Cherry Brownies Recipe

If you like chocolate brownies and cherries, you will like my husband's Chocolate Cherry Brownies. Another delicious treat that you can serve for Valentine's Day. Lynn's Chocolate Cherry Brownies . . . an ultimate chocolate delights! My husband, Lynn, can make the BEST Chocolate Cherry Brownies you ever put in your mouth! They are moist and delicious, and the crunch of the walnuts or pecans adds not only taste, but texture. And, since both chocolate and cherries are Valentine's Day sweet treats, these brownies would be a perfect goodie for the holiday. Plus, they are super easy to make, since they start with a brownie mix. Making Lynn's Chocolate Cherry Brownies . . . Lynn's Chocolate Cherry Brownies are what I would call … [Read more...]

Favorite Cookies from Food and Forte!

I've been working on another project . . . mostly for family with favorite dessert recipes. I asked my husband and each one of my grown children, as well as my grandchildren what their favorite cookies were. The result of my "poll" are some of the cookies and recipes I'm sharing in this post. I hope you enjoy them! Maribeth The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies! Chocolate Chip Cookies are always the #1 favorite in our family, and probably just about everyone else's. This recipe for them is the best! Chocolate Candy Cookies! M&M Cookies are a favorite any time of the year! The ones in the picture were made for Christmas with red and green M&M's. But, you can change the color of the M&M candies you use for different seasons … [Read more...]