Mini Chocolate Crinkle Pies, a Valentine’s Day treat!

Nothing says Valentine's Day like chocolate! And these Mini Chocolate Crinkle Pies will melt in your mouth and warm your heart:) Mini Chocolate Crinkle Pies for Valentine's Day . . . Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Two weeks from yesterday! So, our thoughts turn to the things we associate with Love, like chocolate! Right? And romantic dinners for two, maybe. If you plan a romantic dinner for two, or a Valentine Dinner for your family, these Mini Chocolate Crinkle Pies will be a real treat! Almost like tarts, they are made with Mama's Perfect Pie Crust, and filled with a fudgy chocolate pie filling that is almost addictive. Seriously! About the Mini Chocolate Crinkle Pies . . . Yesterday the thought came to me to NOT … [Read more...]

Ghostly Graveyard Pie!

Ghostly Graveyard Pie, a spooky pie for Halloween! I used to teach my music students a song during the Halloween season. It was called, "Have You Seen the Ghost of John?". They LOVED it! It's wasn't a spooky song, but at the end of it, there was an unexpected "BOO"! That's what I thought when I decided to make this Ghostly Graveyard Pie. Candace, Randa, and I had gone to the grocery store on Saturday. As we were talking about Halloween goodies, Candace asked me to make an Oreo Pie, but make it like a graveyard. Good idea!!! I immediately thought about the Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Ghosts I made with Jalynn and Duke last week. Then the plan for the pie began! Making the Ghostly Graveyard Pie . . . Candace thought Aunt Faye's … [Read more...]

Chocolate Pecan Chess Pie, for Christmas!

Pie anyone??? Have you ever had a pie crust that you needed to bake, but didn't know what pie to make? Well, that's where I was today. One pie crust and no idea of which pie to make with it. As the day rocked on, I finally decided to look up Christmas Pies on the internet. I found this Chocolate Pecan Chess Pie listed among those in a Southern Living site. The picture looked scrumptious, so I thought, "Why not?" This pie was delicious, but it was absolutely rich! Cutting a regular serving in half would be just the right amount to eat. . . unless . . . you are a chocoholic or a pecan "freak" like my husband! LOL! Anyway, this Chocolate Pecan Chess Pie is definitely a pie to make for the holidays. I think I would change one thing. The next … [Read more...]