Mini Chocolate Crinkle Pies, a Valentine’s Day treat!

Nothing says Valentine's Day like chocolate! And these Mini Chocolate Crinkle Pies will melt in your mouth and warm your heart:) Mini Chocolate Crinkle Pies for Valentine's Day . . . Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Two weeks from yesterday! So, our thoughts turn to the things we associate with Love, like chocolate! Right? And romantic dinners for two, maybe. If you plan a romantic dinner for two, or a Valentine Dinner for your family, these Mini Chocolate Crinkle Pies will be a real treat! Almost like tarts, they are made with Mama's Perfect Pie Crust, and filled with a fudgy chocolate pie filling that is almost addictive. Seriously! About the Mini Chocolate Crinkle Pies . . . Yesterday the thought came to me to NOT … [Read more...]

Lynn’s Chocolate Cherry Brownies Recipe

If you like chocolate brownies and cherries, you will like my husband's Chocolate Cherry Brownies. Another delicious treat that you can serve for Valentine's Day. Lynn's Chocolate Cherry Brownies . . . an ultimate chocolate delights! My husband, Lynn, can make the BEST Chocolate Cherry Brownies you ever put in your mouth! They are moist and delicious, and the crunch of the walnuts or pecans adds not only taste, but texture. And, since both chocolate and cherries are Valentine's Day sweet treats, these brownies would be a perfect goodie for the holiday. Plus, they are super easy to make, since they start with a brownie mix. Making Lynn's Chocolate Cherry Brownies . . . Lynn's Chocolate Cherry Brownies are what I would call … [Read more...]