“Still Waters”, from “Creation: A Musical Tapestry”, a Forte Friday Post

"Still Waters" . . . a place of peace What do you think of when you hear, "Still Waters"? Do you think of a pond where there is no movement at all of the water? Or, do you see a gently moving stream? According to Merriam-Webster, still waters is defined as "a part of a stream where no current is visible". It doesn't say there is NO current, as in a pond. It does say the current is not "visible". There is movement of the water, but it is so subtle, the eye can't discern it. The Benson Commentary refers to the still waters in Hebrew (מי מנוכת, mee menuchoth) as "waters of rests, or refreshments: quiet and gentle waters, running in small and shallow channels". What a peaceful picture this paints in one's mind! The Commentary goes on to say … [Read more...]

“For Whom My Soul Loveth”, a Forte Friday Post!

“For Whom My Soul Loveth” is one of the eight songs on my “Mary’s Song” album. The songs in this album musically protray the emotions of Mary Magdalene in the days leading up to the cruxification of Jesus. This song, "For Whom My Soul Loveth", reflects the searching for one who is gone, as He would be.  "For Whom My Soul Loveth" on the Top Ten List! Broadjam sent me two emails this week that my song, "For Whom My Soul Loveth", hit their Top Ten list for its genre, at #4 and then again at #8!!! I am always thrilled when one of my songs hits one of the charts in any place. It's humbling to know that people listen to my music and like it:) “For Whom My Soul Loveth” . . . the story Here is a recap of the story behind the song, "For Whom … [Read more...]

“Hope”, a Forte Friday post, for your listening enjoyment!

"Hope", in the Bible, assures us that it is “a strong and confident expectation.” . . . "hope is akin to trust and a confident expectation."  "Hope", a Forte Friday post . . . As one of the Forte Friday posts, I'm also sharing my song, "Hope". It has been a favorite with my listeners since I first released it. It is piano only and is based on the Hebraic motive for the word, hope. I hope that it inspires hope as you listen to it. "Hope", what the world needs now . . . Remember the song, "What the World Needs Now Is Love" by Dionne Warwick? Well, those words are as true today as back in the 1960's when she sang it . . . maybe more so. But, "Hope" is as important in life as Love. I Corinthians 13:13 says, "And now these three … [Read more...]

“Seas” . . . a Forte Friday Post!

"Seas" . . . the song In keeping with my Forte Friday posts, I'm sharing "Seas" this week. It is one of the songs from my first album, "Creation: A Musical Tapestry", which was launched in July, 2010. This album musical portrays the story of Creation as recorded in Genesis 1. The seas were created after the heaven and the earth, on Day 3. It was then the God commanded "the waters of the earth gathered together at certain places. The waters formed seas and oceans, lakes and rivers, so that in other parts, the dry land became visible." (Chabad.org.) Thoughts on "Seas" . . . When you think of "seas", do you think of a tumultuous storm with raging winds and waves? Or do you think of a calm sea? If you have ever been on a cruise, I'm sure … [Read more...]