Patti’s Lazy Day Cinnamon Rolls, Yum!!!

When you have a "hankerin" for homemade cinnamon rolls, but don't want to make them from scratch, make Patti's Lazy Day Cinnamon Rolls!  Patti's Lazy Day Cinnamon Rolls . . . What do you do when you really want some cinnamon rolls, but you aren't in the mood to make them from scratch? You make Patti's Lazy Day Cinnamon Rolls! This recipe was sent to me by my friend, Patti, who herself is a great cook! Her recipe starts with frozen rolls, and ends with delicious mouth-watering cinnamon rolls. That's my kind of recipe for a convenient breakfast food. Making Patti's Lazy Day Cinnamon Rolls . . . Patti's Lazy Day Cinnamon Rolls starts with a bag of frozen bread rolls. The rolls are thawed in a glass bowl, then mixed together to … [Read more...]

Quick Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast! Almost everyone grew up eating cinnamon rolls. Some were fortunate to have mothers or grandmothers who made them from scratch. Some made them by rolling out canned biscuits, filling with butter, sugar and cinnamon, then topping with a powdered sugar glaze. I was one of those who made the biscuit cinnamon rolls for my children because my mother made them for us. Mama . . . Mama was the the secretary at the high school for years, retiring in 1988 or so. She was there when I was a student, and she was there when my children were going there. Consequently, she couldn't spend a lot of time on goodies like cinnamon rolls, but she did create a pretty good batch with canned biscuits. Candace . . . My … [Read more...]