Mama’s 1949 Lemon Dessert, Cooking with Mama

ShaMama's Lemon Dessert is one of our favorite memories of childhood. Mama would make this lemon treat for us many times through Spring and Summer. As my sister said, "We LOVED this dessert!" It's super easy with just a few ingredients. Great for a light dessert. Mama's 1949 Lemon Dessert . . . Last week, when I visited Mama, I said, "Why don't we make that Lemon Dessert that you used to make us when we were growing up?" She said, "OK. We can make that." Since Mama's fall a couple of years ago, standing in the kitchen cooking has really become a chore, so if we cook, I do most of the standing up. Because this little dessert is special to us, I want to share the history of how Mama got this recipe/ dessert: When Mama and Daddy got … [Read more...]

Oreo Delight, a delicious cool dessert!

Oreo Delight . . . a "Mystery Meal" Dessert Our Back to School Dinner this year was a "Mystery Meal" dinner. My oldest son, Trey, suggested that we all make new recipes and potluck the meal. The rule: NO ONE COULD BRING ANYTHING THAT HAD BEEN MADE OR BROUGHT TO OUR DINNERS BEFORE! OK . . . Does anyone know how difficult this was??? But, by the same token, it was SO much FUN!!! So much so, that we decided to do it often! Since I was going to make one main dish and a dessert, I chose this Oreo Delight for the dessert. It is a recipe of Stacey Little's from Southern Bite. If you haven't checked out his blog, do it! He has LOTS of good foods and recipes! Almost everyone in my family likes Oreo cookies, so I knew this would be a winner! And . … [Read more...]

14 Cool Desserts for Summer!

Cool desserts for hot summer days! It's been really hot here until the last couple of days of last week. But, we still have some weeks left that will probably be hot before the cooler days of fall arrive. I've compiled some of our favorite Cool Desserts for Summer. These include easy, no-bake desserts that will provide you with a delicious, cool treat when it's too hot to bake something. Most are no-bake pies, plus some other "cool" desserts. Enjoy!!! NO-BAKE PIES . . . These pies use a graham cracker crust, so there's no making and baking a pie crust. The fillings are generally cream cheese with fruit, cookies, or other ingredients. All are refrigerator pies that keep well and are really good choices for summer months--even Mama's Easy … [Read more...]