Mama’s Easy Jalapeño Cornbread,

Mama's Easy Jalapeno Cornbread is the recipe she makes when she only wants a small pan of cornbread. It still has the cheese and diced jalapeños, and a little chopped onion. So good, and so easy to make! Mama's Easy Jalapeno Cornbread, when you just want a little cornbread One of our absolute forever favorite recipes of Mama's is her Jalapeno Cornbread. But, it makes a large cast-iron skilletful. So, when Mama wants just a little pan of cornbread, she makes this easy recipe. I call it Mama's Easy Jalapeno Cornbread, because it is an easy version of our favorite cornbread of hers. This scaled-down version of Mama's Jalapeno Cornbread still has all the flavors of the big batch, with the exception of an ingredient or two. But, it's … [Read more...]

Grandmama Hall’s Hot Water Cornbread

Grandmama Hall's Hot Water Cornbread . . . Precious memories! I remember eating Grandmama Hall's Hot Water Cornbread while visiting her as a child. She or Hazel, the lady who helped Grandmama for over 50 years, would stand at the stove and drop these delectable patties of cornmeal in the hot bacon grease. They, of course, used a cast iron skillet, which many today do not. As the fried cornbread patties were done, they would remove them from the skillet and let them drain on napkins or something. I don't remember if paper towels existed at that time. The Hot Water Cornbread would be slathered with real butter and served with whatever meal Grandmama made. Often, it would be cooked dry beans and fried potatoes. In their day, they didn't … [Read more...]

How to make good Southern Cornbread

If you're from the South, you love cornbread! What Southerner doesn't love cornbread? I was RAISED on beans, fried potatoes and cornbread! Probably some of you were too! And, I prefer good Southern Cornbread like my Mama makes. I asked Mama yesterday what she thought the secret was to making really good cornbread. Her answer was, "Using a cast iron skillet!". She never makes her cornbread any other way. I use my cast iron skillet as well for my cornbread because that's how Mama and Grandmama Hall made theirs. But, since I don't have a "play by play" post for how to make good Southern Buttermilk Cornbread, I looked online at one of the blog sites I follow, Simply Recipes. Elise gives a lot of information about Southern cornbread, and … [Read more...]

Corn Sticks . . . A Blast from the past!

Who had corn sticks when they were growing up? My Grandmama Hall would often bake her cornbread in a cast iron corn stick pan. As a child, I thought that was so cool! I remember when she took the corn sticks out of the pan, the back side looked like a an ear of corn! I can remember being so excited when I would be visiting her and she would make these. She would usually make them when she was having white beans with ham and fried potatoes. That's such a wonderful meal and wonderful memories from my childhood. Years later, when I was getting married, Grandmama gave me the cast iron corn stick pan that I made our cornbread in tonight. It is one of my most treasured possessions. The beauty of a cast iron pan . . . A lot of people have … [Read more...]