Family Favorite Thanksgiving Pies

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it goes back to the beginning of our nations history and the principles on which we were founded--God, religious freedom, and America. And, I love the tradition of our Family Thanksgiving Dinner get-togethers. One of the highlights of those dinners has always been our Family Favorite Thanksgiving Pies.  Family Favorite Thanksgiving Pies! I try to always have a dinner for my children and grandchildren one night before Thanksgiving, even though we go to my sister, Jeri's, house on Thanksgiving Day. And, I ALWAYS make our Family Favorite Thanksgiving Pies! It seems everyone has their own "favorite", so I have to make different pies for each of my children and Lynn. In this post, I'm … [Read more...]

Bethany’s Egg Custard Pie for her Daddy!

Bethany's Egg Custard Pie . . . Trey's last dessert! The day Trey came home from the hospital, Bethany and I made him his "favorite of all desserts", Egg Custard Pie. I have made it for him since he was a child, but Bethany, now 16, had never made it. So, it was time for her lesson on making my Grandmama Hall's Egg Custard Pie! This Egg Custard Pie became one of Grandmama Hall's signature desserts. She would make it for Grandaddy Hall as well as others, and often take it to church dinners and shut-ins. Grandmama was one of the best cooks in Prairie County, so they said:) Bethany with the cookbook I made her last summer. We will be adding the Egg Custard Pie to it, now that she has made it:) Making Bethany's Egg Custard Pie . . … [Read more...]

Trey’s Birthday, and Egg Custard Pie!

Today is my oldest son, Trey's, birthday. Wow . . . he is 41 years old! That means I am . . . . we wont' go there! Lol! Trey has a beautiful wife, Jennifer, and three beautiful and smart children: Bethany(left), Brady (center) and Benson (right). I am BLESSED beyond measure to call them my family! Trey and Grandmama Hall's Egg Custard Pie . . . One of Trey's favorite desserts is my Grandmama Hall's Egg Custard Pie, so I thought I would share it again with you. (I have shared it a few times before--the last time was last Thanksgiving.) This recipe actually was given to Grandmama by my Daddy's oldest sister, Aunt Clarice Holland, who was a Methodist preacher's wife. According to Mama, Grandmama made this pie six times to perfect it. … [Read more...]

Grandmama Hall’s Egg Custard Pie Recipe

Grandmama Hall's Egg Custard Pie has been a family favorite since the 1970's. The cookie-like crust and creamy egg custard filling make the perfect dessert for any occasion. Just ask my son, Trey, and grandson, Benson:) It's their favorite! Grandmama Hall's Egg Custard Pie, one of her signature recipes . . . As this week (Monday-Friday) comes to a close, I decided to share one more of Grandmama Hall's recipes--her delicious Egg Custard Pie. This recipe was given to her by my daddy's sister, Clarice Holland, but it quickly became one of Grandmama's signature desserts. Mama says Grandmama made this pie over and over until she mastered it. Making Grandmama Hall's Egg Custard Pie . . . For those of you who make a Egg Custard pies, … [Read more...]