Filet Mignon with Dijon Mustard Sauce, a Delicious Entree!

Filet Mignon for the Birthday Dinner! When I was planning the Birthday Dinner for my children, Candace suggested I make Filet Mignon with Dijon Mustard Sauce as the entree. I made this for her family several years ago, and my son-in-law, Randy, LOVED it! In fact, Candace says he still talks about it . . . that it was the best filet mignon he ever had! Wow! How could I not make this dish for the big birthday celebration??? But, with 14 people coming, the cost of individual filets came up in the conversation. Candace said not to worry . . . she learned how to trim and cut beef tenderloin when she was studying for her degree in nutrition, and also when she worked for her Aunt Elizabeth who had a little restaurant in North Little Rock, … [Read more...]

Filet Mignon with Sautéed Onions

Lynn needs protein! Because Lynn is still recovering from his surgery two months ago, the doctors told him to continue to eat a lot of protein. That's perfectly understandable because of the muscles that were cut during the procedure. With that said, I know that he and I both get tired of hamburger meat and chicken:) Who's with me on that? I remembered a Filet Mignon with Sautéed Onions recipe I had made years ago, and thought that would be something that he would like and would provide needed protein. Why not a filet? With the greatly increased cost of beef, we don't have as many options as we once did. And, I RARELY buy filets mignons simply because of the price of it. But, every now and then, it's ok to treat yourself, and your … [Read more...]