“Forgiveness”, from “Love Themes”, for Forte Friday

Remember the song, "What the World Needs Now is Love"? It seems that song would definitely describe what we need now in our country. And, the beginning of Love is "Forgiveness". "Forgiveness", in a world that needs Love . . . What the world needs now is "love, sweet love". Remember that song by Burt Bacharach? It was 1965, and we were embroiled in the Vietnam war. Much of the music of that era spoke of love, and that we needed more of it. But you can't have Love without "Forgiveness". In fact, forgiveness has to be involved in any relationship in order for love to thrive. In our world today, not much has changed, really. Now we are, and have been, involved in wars in the Middle East for several years. And, then recently, we are … [Read more...]

“Forgiveness”, from “Love Themes”, a Forte Friday Post

"Forgiveness", the Key to Love . . . Love . . . that eternal emotion that we, as humans, long for. We want to love our spouse, children and other family members. And, in return, we want to be loved by them. But, sometimes, hurts and wounds can cause our relationships to suffer, and the love we so desperately desire, be at a distance. However, there is a Key that unlocks the door to the heart of even the most "unlovable" person. And, that key is "Forgiveness". What is "Forgiveness"? What is forgiveness? We've all heard, "You need to forgive everyone who hurts you." Sounds easy. Right? But, sometimes the hurts and wounds run so deep, it seems like an impossible task. And, as humans, it sometimes is . . . it, at times, requires an act of … [Read more...]