Xiomara’s Authentic Guacamole!

Xiomara's Authentic Guacamole from Guatemala! We were so blessed to have Xiomara show us/ teach us how to make her Authentic Guacamole at our "South of the Border Cultural Food Fair" last week. Xiomara and her husband, Benjamin, who are from Guatemala, came to the United States in the 1980's. She shared with us how to make her Chicken Enchiladas, Mexican Rice, and this Guacamole. All of the food she showed us how to make were delicious! I'm waiting for the other recipes to share with you soon:) I chose to name both Xiomara's and Amalia's recipes as "Authentic" because their recipes are from their home countries as they prepare them there. One of the things that both Xiomara and Amalia expressed to us was the difference between the foods … [Read more...]

Guacamole, Family Style!

Guacamole . . . a family favorite! Guacamole, has been a favorite Mexican dish since I was a child, and nothing has changed! It is still a family favorite, at least with daughter's family. They like it so  much, now their children, my grandchildren, are making it! Most people eat guacamole either as a dip or as a sort of salad with their Mexican food meal. My family eats it primarily as a dip. I have never made Guacamole, so when Candace called me to help make dinner for her family after her surgery, I was delighted to watch Cameron and Benjamin, with a little help from mom, go to work making this. Guacamole . . . family style! It takes a family to make this dish! Just kidding, of course! If my grandsons, age 15 and 12 can make it, … [Read more...]