“Moon”, from “Creation: A Musical Tapestry”, for Forte Friday!

"Moon", this week's Forte Friday post . . . The super blue blood moon was in this news yesterday. And it should have been because it's quite rare. One source stated the last one was right after the Civil War ended. Geez! That's over 150 years ago! So, I decided to share my song, "Moon", from my "Creation: A Musical Tapestry" album. In case you aren't familiar with a "super blue blood moon", here is some information from CNN: "So, a "supermoon" is when a full moon occurs at the same time as its perigee, the closest point of the moon's orbit with Earth. The result: the moon appears larger than normal and NASA is predicting this one will be 14% brighter than usual. Chances are you have used the phrase "once in a blue moon" -- but have you … [Read more...]