“Wings of the Morning”, a Forte Friday post

"Wings of the Morning" . . .The early morning hours. . . The early morning hours. . . no television. . . no radio. . . no distractions. . . no one else up yet. . . I have commented and written in my daily devotional journal about how I love the solitude of the early morning hours.  Me, my Bible, and my Father. I began to read in Psalm 139. The phrase, "wings of the morning", jumped out at me! This phrase, this verse, caused me to ponder how Awesome our Heavenly Father is. He is always there . . . even in the "wings of the morning"! Why we need "Wings of the Morning" . . .the "hustle and bustle". . . It's December 1st. We have entered the season of Christmas, and the "hustle and bustle" of the upcoming weeks will take over some of the … [Read more...]